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Northern California Poulet Bleu

Average User Rating:
  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Off White
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    This is the Northern California Poulet Bleu. Direct descendants of the French breed known as Poulet Bresse.
  • 45adfabe_1698638767_DSC00430.jpeg

  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose: Meat and Eggs

    Comb: Single

    Broodiness: Seldom

    Climate Tolerance: All climates

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: Great

    Egg Size: Medium

    Egg Color: Tan to brown

    Breed Temperament: Roosters can be mean, depending on how you raise them.

    Breed Colors / Varieties:

    Breed Details:

    Chicken Breed Photos:

    Primary Image






Recent User Reviews

  1. lhamid
    "Somewhat accurate"
    Pros - Accurate description
    Cons - Temperament and Broodiness not accurate from my experience
    I have CA Poulet Bleu. Yes they are very good layers. My roosters are all very gentle, as are the hens. They are good foragers. I have some very persistent broody hens. I have not let them hatch chicks so I can't comment on their mothering abilities but I suspect they will be good moms as they are very protective of their eggs

User Comments

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  1. speedy2020
    There is a person that have these breed and GreenFire Breese. He refer this breed over Bresse because it larger and heavier. According to him, the taste is about the same. I want to try some, but he about 2.5 hrs drive from me.

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