Novital 3.3 lb hanging feeder

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  • Made in Italy, sold by Premier 1 Supplies. Small feeder with lid that slide locks into place. Perfect for using in brooders due to small size. Can be used on ground or hung as chicks grow to keep feed cleaner and prevent spills from rambunctious chicks knocking the feeder over. Also works well in small coops/runs with adult birds.
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  1. bnjrob
    "Small size, big help"
    Pros - slide locking lid, hang/ground use, small size
    Cons - none that I have found so far
    I really prefer feeders with lids to keep chickens from perching as well as keep rodents out of the storage bin cylinder of the feeder. Unfortunately feeders with close fitting lids (as opposed to lids that sit above a wire handle) are difficult to find in smaller sizes - particularly in hanging versions. This one has been terrific. The lid locks into place by fitting it into the notches on the cylinder and turning the lid. Hangs from the center of the lid rather than from a wire handle, making it more stable while hanging, even when the hook it is hanging from is not level - like a chicken tractor when it is sitting on uneven ground. It solved my problem with growing chicks knocking it over in the brooder and wasting feed in the brooder bedding. Also decreased my poopy food problem since I was able to get it up higher as the chicks grew. The small size lets it fit easily into a brooder or a small coop.

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  1. Buckeye2002
    I have 23 RIR chicks and I purchased 2 of these and they work really great. I just now started hanging them (chick are now 1 week old) and the chicks are taking right to them...easy to fill, but you do have to shake them to get the feed to refill the bottom.

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