Nutrena NatureWise Chick Starter/Grower

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  1. EggSighted4Life
    "Not enough protein"
    Pros - Readily available. Comes in 40# bags that are easier to carry than 50#.
    Cons - Too little protein for growing chicks. Powdery.
    Feathers are made from 90% protein and its' amino acids. All chicks are growing feathers still in addition to growing muscle... energy or calories as it is known... come from only thee sources... Protein, fat, and carbs including fiber. Get more bang for you buck (nutrient wise) and choose a higher protein feed. This brand also has more fine powder than others.
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  2. HuskerHens18
    "Smells bad and strong"
    Pros - It's cheap
    Cons - Bad smell, strong smell, chicks aren't a fan
    I choke every time I open the bag, my chicks aren't a huge fan of it but thankfully still eat it. The smell is so strong it attracts other animals to the feeder/enclosure.
    The reason I bought it is because TSC was out of my favorite feed and this was cheap enough I could buy multiple bags.
    I like the price and the chicks do eat it, they just don't love it.
    If I had the choice I would not buy again, but as a last resort yes I will buy it.
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    July 5th 2018
  3. FlyingNunFarm
    "My chicks love it."
    I used the Nutrena starter/grower because it was the same brand they will be getting as adults. I liked that it was middle of the road for price as well as calcium percentages and protein percentages. They seem to be growing like weeds. I had no problems with this feed.
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