Nutrena NatureWise Chick Starter/Grower

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  1. FlyingNunFarm
    "My chicks love it."
    I used the Nutrena starter/grower because it was the same brand they will be getting as adults. I liked that it was middle of the road for price as well as calcium percentages and protein percentages. They seem to be growing like weeds. I had no problems with this feed.
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  2. Bullfam
    Pros - None
    Cons - Horrible pasty Vent and it stinks
    I bought this for my new chicks because they were out of the Dumor brand, I got it at Tractor Supply. I will NEVER buy it again. Every chick has gotten severe pasty vent/butt from it. I have to clean them every night. My first batch of chicks never had pasty vent on Dumor feed. My mom has chicks and we had no issues with the Dumor food. I was very upset with this product, I will not be buying it again.

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