Octagon 20 ADVANCE EX digital egg incubator

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  • Octagon 20 ADVANCE digital egg incubator

    A simple and highly accurate menu driven digital control system gives:

    Digital display of temperature and humidity

    Automatic temperature control in °F or °C fully factory calibrated. High and low temperature alarms.The temperature is factory preset at 99.5F.

    Automatic egg turning

    Fan assisted air circulation

    Good visibility of the eggs

    Robust hygienic ABS construction for easy cleaning

    Insulated cabinet for low energy use and optimal temperature distribution

    2-year warranty
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Recent User Reviews

  1. HenniesInMyHeart
    "Best Incubator Ever Made"
    Pros - Fully automatic: Truly "Set It And Forget It" capable!
    Controls humidity as well as temperature
    Cooling phase in programming simulates mama hen taking daily potty/food/drink breaks
    Top quality
    Trusted brand
    Cons - Brinsea discontinued the Octagon series, have to buy second-hand
    Expensive system
  2. I Love Layers
    "Amazing! Always had a 90% hatch rate or more"
    Pros - Very little babysitting, heats fast, remains constant temperature and humidity, simple to use, and many more things I can not think of
    I ordered this incubator in early March 2015 so that I could hatch out some ducklings, and eventually hatch some chicks.
    The incubator arrived within a few days, no damage done to it, and in good condition. I immediately put it together, the setup took less then 10 minutes. I turned it on, and it was already set to the temperature I needed!
    I then turned it off and collected duck eggs for the next few days, I turned the incubator on 4 hours before I placed the eggs. It had perfect humidity and temperature.
    I set 15 eggs all together, 2 were not fertilized, so I was down to 13.
    Surprisingly for my first ever incubator hatch, all 13 remaining eggs hatched, and I did not have to help a single bird!!

    I used it once this year when one of my ducks sitting on 7 eggs was killed, I was away and did not know until 18 hours after she was killed(approximated time). So I started up the incubator and it was at the right temperature and humidity in 10 minutes. I put them in expecting not a single one to hatch, or have lots of troubles. On day 27 there were a few pips. Day 28 three hatched, on day 29 they were struggling so I helped the remaining 4 a little bit. They all hatched, and lived!!

    I have had nothing but good experience with this incubator, it does cost a pretty penny, but it makes more sense to spend money on something that will last, and works well, rather then something that will only last a little while and doesn't work well.
  3. storminstaffs
    "Superb incubator"
    Pros - fab hatch rate, easy to use, fully automatic, base and tray are easy to clean
    Cons - could have more height for chicks, cleaning the lid is a little annoying
    This is my 2nd incubator, my 1st was a manual 6 egg incubator which i couldn't get any eggs to hatch out in, so I looked around and read on different forums and discussions to see which product seemed the best and when I seen this incubator and read other reviews I had to have it, i've had to a little over a year and last year it was never turned off and had fabulous hatch rates with it, once it's set up to can just leave it till lockdown without having to worry about anything.

    I only thing i don't like about it is the lid and fan are a little hard to clean as you have to unscrew each time for cleaning, but other than that it's a fantastic incubator.

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