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The Old English Game bantam is a delightful breed of chicken. It is a small, pugnacious, and charming little chicken that embodies the idea of pride and “chickenhood.” Their larger counterparts are the direct descendants of the jungle fowl, but the bantams are the end result of careful selective breeding of various backyard bantams.

The first variety accepted to the American Standard of Perfection was Black Breasted Red (BBR), gaining recognition in 1925. Since their acceptance, they have become the most popular breed of exhibition chicken, easily reaching class sizes of over 300 birds in medium sized shows. Males are required to be dubbed in order to be shown, but unlike the Modern Game bantam part of the comb should be left, leaving a rounded nub. Old English have two distinct types, “American” and “English,” with the American type having a fanned tail and the English type having a “whip” tail. This breed is known for living a long and fruitful life; it is not uncommon for hens to reach 15 years of age.

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Pros: Beautiful and very protective rooster over his hens! Very loving towards me as well
Sparky is a silver duckwing old English game bantam and by far my favorite roo of all time and absolutely gorgeous!
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free! given to me at 6 weeks
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spring 2018


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Pros: -Small
-Come In A Wide Array Of Colours
-Big Personalities
-Easily Tamed
-Gentle With Young Children
-Hens Are Quiet
-Bear Confinement Well
-Lovely Yard Candy
Cons: -Aggressive To Other Chickens
-Dislike Being Picked Up
-Poor Layers
-Can Be Quite 'Pecky'
-Fly Very Well
-Roosters Crow Very Constantly, And Have A Squeaky, Unpleasant Crow
-Due To Small Size, Are Targeted By Predators More Often
Old English Game Bantams (or OEGBS) are a delightful breed, very full of personality. They are quite highly strung, and my top hen tends to get quite pecky towards me without regular handling. They will run up to me when I come outside, looking for treats. Here are my reviews of their personalities from my bantam chat thread
Gary! A quirky character is little Gary, he crows in competition to my RIR cockerel (In my main flock) and thinks he is truly the best roo in existence. He actually doesn't crow at the break of dawn like Reggie(my RIR) and instead waits until around 10 am to announce his presence to the world. He gets overly excited about roosting (I have to place a light in my OEGB kennel so they can see in order to get up onto the roost) anyway, when he sees the light in the kennel, he skips dinner and races to roost. I always have to remove him from the roost and make him eat dinner, and then he remembers that he is actually pretty hungry, silly boy.

Raisin Cookie & Milk! An odd name for an odd bird(Gifted to her by my younger brother) RC&M can never decide where she lies in the pecking order, one moment she's on top, and the next she's on the bottom. I'm pretty sure she was from a project line, if so I'm not breeding her(Whops...)

And last but not least...

Freckled! Freckled is the bossy-pants of the group, always putting the other two in their place, and constantly squabbling with RC&M for head of the pecking order. She'll put Gary in his place when he gets over excited, and she's not afraid to stand up too anything... Even my Rhode Island Reds, when they (Inevitably) invade the yard. She is very chatty and always the first to investigate when something in the yard is amiss, and is never afraid of the tame (And stupid) muscovy named Forrest (If anyone gets my reference) when he lumbers into the yard every morning to squeak until he is fed breakfast.

They are very lovely birds, although I have never seen an egg from my hens... All in all they are a good breed, jam packed with personality! They don't do very well with other breeds, and once they have formed a group they WILL fight outsiders.
Here are some pictures of my lovelies-
Gary is the Silver Duckwing(black and white), Raisin Cookie & Milk is the brown and white one, and Freckled is the Ginger-Red(Reddish ginger and brown one)



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30th Of May 2018
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Pros: Easy to maintenance, fun to have around, lovely color varieties!
Cons: Crown has to be dubbed for showing


wow. we are going to get some this spring and we were given a roo a few months ago. he does fight with people but he never fights with the big roo they usally chase him and he runs not fights but if you take him inside he will jump on my bed and proceed to fall asleep on my leg.
@Chickgirl201040, I still recommend them .My guys are super friendly and social to me. They come running for treats, and jump on my lap,with the little hens. We like them so much that we have ordered 25 more.
I only had one a perky little Roo who LOVED the girls! He was a beautiful, sweet little guy who actually "sang" to the ladies to "woo" them, and "woo" them he did! We actually named him Casanova for his "tendencies"!
Our little guy was abandoned by his original owner and he was blinded in one eye by a MUCH larger Roo fighting over, you guessed it, a "woman"!
They DO have an extremely high pitched crow, one that my neighbors objected to, so we had to find him a new home that had plenty of room (yes, they do fly!) and lots of ladies. Needless to say, he's now a very happy camper, but my girls were "crying" when he left! :)
So sorry to hear what hapenned to Georgia. I have game birds,not OEG but Malays , Bantam Australian game and Modern Game Bantams(sparrows on stilts) , I agree with you they are super protective Mums,and yes,I think that the game birds are far smarter than your average chickens. Good luck wih the crele,I have a Crele Malay,such a beautiful colour.
The Old English Game was originally bred for Cockfighting that is why they fight. Its usually the other way around, they cull the ones that are not "game" enough. Love their personalities!
i have been raising oeg"s for 6 years now and i have found out if you clip one wing then they cant get very high up
I am so excited for people that discover the joy of chickens!! They are great entertainment, and serve a purpose. As a plus, they each have their own personality. I have around 70 chickens of all different breeds (not including that we hatch around 30 eggs every 3-4 days). I prefer having the chickens around as opposed to having (most) people around!!
If you like them so much why did you give them a 1 star rating? 5 is the best...
I have these and they are great. Very spunky and intelligent. Excellent mothers! ...Dubbing? I wouldn't think of it.
i have a wheaten. VERY aggressive! keep them away from other roosters! just warning you now!

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