Omlet chicken fencing.

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Pros: Easy to set up, easy to move, can configure many shapes
Cons: Would like more guide ropes to keep the height up, could be a fraction higher.
we purchased this product to give our chickens a wider roam area of a day without being completely free ranged in the yard. It was easy to dry up but I recommend using gardening gloves rather than the ones supplied.
It is easy to position, move and can be done by one person once you have the hang of it.
Over a couple of days I reposition some of the posts as tension and slack mean the top of the net between the poles drops. Would be great to have an additional 2 guide wires included.
I would not recommend this for young chicks under 10 weeks depending on breed as my 10 week old araucanas have worked out how to jump up above the smaller weave at the bottom and squeeze through the top weave section. Crafty little buggers!
Thi also is only going to keep chickens in and predators will still be able to get to your chickens.
Had been a great way to give our girls extra forage and run space without being free in the yard.
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Pros: Easy to move and store when not in use.
Cons: Can become tangled.
Easy to move & Store. Ideal for smaller areas.
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Pros: Easy to use and move, simple construction, lightweight
Cons: Not high enough
Number 1. Read the enclosed warning about wearing gloves. Being a bit excitable I just jumped straight in and got a couple of glass splinters from the fibre glass poles. I'm not sure the gloves included are good enough - tough gardening gloves is my recommendation.

I got the 5m square set so 25 square meters of space. This can be a square, rectangle, or pretty much any shape you like as using the included guy ropes keeps the fence tight on the corners. 4 are included.

The instructions are simple and clear. It took less than 30 mins to erect and has changed our girls quality of life - previously they were in a run that was too restrictive.

At 1.2m high the fencing is a bit low imo. A 2m version would be nice as that would at least get them to think about it before taking off. As it was, 10 secs after I released them into the enclosure one flew right out again :).

Wings clipped this morning and problem solved.

I definitely recommend this fencing.
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I want to make coop out of this kind of net since it is cheap, but does this net work against rat and mouse??
this is great to keep the chickens out of your herbs or anything you wanting to grow
I have always been a user of chicken wire or poultry fencing with hardware cloth going halfway up the fence and the portion of it buried outside to keep Predators like raccoons foxes that sort thing from digging underneath this was done at the chicken coop and run area the outside areas wherever the chickens had free reign the idea was chickens in Predators out the only thing I wasn't able to protect from is Hawks I did that in The Henhouse

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