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This Scottish invention has been widely used in the UK since the ban on peepers in the UK. It does not obstruct the chickens view, but prevents it from getting a good grip on another bird when pecking, and blocks the sharp tip of the beak from contact with other birds.

The birds will generally remove them in a couple of weeks, which has also been my experience with peepers. I suggest feeding crumbles or smaller pellets in wider opening feeders when these are used. I think the biddies prefer them to peepers, which can cause permanent vision problems.

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Pros: Doesn't block vision
Cons: Expensive
Expensive, but effective. Like peepers, birds tend to work them off; unlike peepers there is no risk of permanent vision problems. I suggest feeding crumbles or small pellets in a wider opening feeder so biddy can reach in and shovel feed out as the bit extends a bit past the tip of the beak.
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Where do you find these? Is there a distributor in Canada or the United States? I know they are available in the UK but I cannot find a distributor that will ship to Canada.
Spade and Feather in Canada - will also ship to the US. Unfortunately, I had to order in such bulk, that I am going to have too many and going to have to list some on ebay in the US just to get rid of the excess, as I have less than ten chickens. So far, I can't find the pliers needed to put them on available in the US, so people in the US who need the pliers have to order from Spade and Feather in Canada.

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