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Oriental Roller Pigeons

  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Red, White, Blue, Silver, Dun, Kite, Spread, Almond, Deroy, Blue-Barred, Brown-Barred
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    The opinion on history varies but they originated from the Ottoman Empire and were brought to England around the 1800s. People enjoyed watching their acrobatics and were impressed with their ability to maneuver away from hawks.
  • 17f7ee16_other-oriental_roller_pigeons-22333-612698.jpeg dc7d6630_other-oriental_roller_pigeons-22333-263257.jpeg e90191aa_other-oriental_roller_pigeons-22333-300447.jpeg a7409a15_other-oriental_roller_pigeons-22333-541395.jpeg a7ec41dc_other-oriental_roller_pigeons-22333-887243.jpeg

  • Breed Details:
    They have a high tail, low wing set. The birds care for their own young, and no intervention is necessary. My experience is they bear confinement well and are beautiful birds. They fly up high and then roll down in summersaults.







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