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    Black,Buff,White,Blue-Laced,Birchen,Sliver Black Laced,barred,red,porcelian,Chocolate,Lemon Cuckoo
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    Large Fowl
    This breed developed at the end of the nineteenth century by a englishman called William Cook from the Village of Orpington. Involved in its creation were,among others,Croad Langshans, Minorcas, Langshans and Plymoth Rocks. Notably, Langshans set its stamp on this new breed, the first Orpingtons still looking very much like Langshans.
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    Qualities; The Orpington has many enthusiasts and is a familiar bird at almost every show. They are freindly chickens that are very soon "trained to the hand" when taken good care of. Appearance; Orpingtons are very big, weigh between 3 and 4kg and even look larger becuase of their full plumage. Utility; Orpingtons can be expected to lay around 200 large eggs in a good laying year. And because of their size they make very good meat birds. My Own Experience; Orpingtons are my favourite breed of chicken! I love them. They are gentle giants to your garden. Thanks for reading :)







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  1. oldhen2345
    "Love my orpingtons"
    Pros - large, dual purpose, friendly, curious.
    Cons - Loud, can be bossy, will eat anything.
    I love my girls. I have one Lavender Orpington, beautiful, just beautiful. I have two Mottled Orpington chicks- seven weeks old. One is black and white, one is white with black angel wings. I can't wait to see what she looks like grown. One Buff Orpington- my pal Alberta. She comes and sits in my lap every day to converse. She is two years old. These are big, colorful chickens that brighten my back yard. I guess they are yard candy. I haven't seen any fights picked, other than the usual pecking order disturbances. They come running when I call- waiting for a snack and eat out of my hand. Lay eggs like a champ- average of 4 to 5 per week.


    1. Pearl 5 wks a.jpg
    2. Missy with angel wings.jpg
    3. alberta and me.jpg
  2. kidcody
    "English Orpington Pure English Silver Laced..."
    Pros - English Orpington Pure English Silver Laced Orpington
    Cons - English Orpington by Autumn Farm Orpingtons


    English Orpington Silver Laced "Skip" ..Autumn Farm Orpingtons
  3. SteveBaz
    "Love my "Blondie""
    Pros - Easy Gentle Loveable Producer Sweet
    Cons - N/A
    The sole survivor of a raccoon attack and is the oldest in my flock. Extremely loyal girl. She is the "QUEEN" in the coop and they listen to her a lot. Loves following me around but I have a few that do that. Of course I have a bowl with me 75% of the time. That means picking up eggs or giving food :)

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  1. kidcody
    Hellbender (what a deranged name person, perhaps she) doesn't have a clue what she is talking about, but as you can see she makes no sense, she is among of the many that only have hate in her heart. Perhaps she should educate herself so she has some idea what she is talking about! Our breeding farm cares and does more for people then she will ever do in her life time...I suggest she needs to pick on someone who has the resource and money to fight back as we are a small farm that cares for all animals and people. My suggestions to you.."get a life" help others then bring others down. Do you have nothing more going on in your life?
  2. kidcody
    If you happen to know anything about my breeding program, I have only sold a few handful of my English Orpingtons. I have not sold one of my Pure English Silver Laced Orpingtons and have no plans on selling them. This is a hobby that I enjoy and making money has never been apart of this. Try getting to know me, instead of making such a rude comment. Yes. I know all about the standards of the breed and live in Europe and have several close friends and breeders that are judges that I have learned from the best.
  3. kidcody
    Obvious you don't know what your talking about when putting down a Pure English Silver Laced Orpington..If you would of done your research you would have seen that this Pure English Silver Laced Orpington rooster was one of the first in the country, USA. This rooster was picked by the Master breeder Bob Follows from England,who hand picked this rooster.The comb only deducted 1 point in judging and since this rooster was not sent to be judged. His superior quality out weighed this minimum about and his superior quality out weighed so much more this rooster had to offer in the United States. Please educate yourself before speaking. It is people like you that seem to know everything, but actually know very little that only steer others in wrong information.Many have suggested that it would be best not to make a state that you know nothing about!
  4. hellbender
    I looked at YOUR site. Do you exhibit at APA events? If so, I wonder what the judges said about the cock with 10 or 12 points?

    I feel sad.Grammar. Good luck with sales. It's hard to make a $-buck with the best birds, that's why I just enjoy mine as a colossal expensive hobby.

    Carry on Sis.
  5. hellbender
    OK...so it is an advertisement. You know, there is a place for classified adverts??
  6. hellbender
    Review or advertisement? Either way..I kinda' like the English version of Orpington. My friend uses them to great advantage in her breading program.
  7. SteveBaz
    All kidding aside she is the sweetest. I walk up to her and she squats for me but before she started laying eggs she would and still runs into my arms or jumps into my lap when I am in the fold up chair in the run. I do have a Plymouth Rock named Rockster that is very sweet also that is very nice as well but that's for another thread, another post.
  8. Sister Marie
    My Avatar is an Orpy at one day old... sitting on the edge of her mini-pool as if to say : "if we ain't laying, we're playin.... by the pool." Really she was sitting on the edge and took a drink, RIR next to her. They are so sweet and wonderful
  9. Sister Marie
    Recently lost one of my Ory's..... They really are my favorite.... Incredibly attentive to me. All eight (mixed breeds) were far off and I called her name.... "Buffy" and she immediately turned and came a runnin ! She's just six weeks old..... Found out the store I bought them at didn't immunize them before selling them and the other Orpy died of Mereks... sad to watch her linger until five weeks. Glad the others didn't get it. Sorry you lost yours, glad you still have one Orpy! I think I'll petition the convent to get more Orpy's...
  10. beautifulbirds
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! :)

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