OVA-Easy Advance Humidity Pump

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
    "Must have for the octagon advance models"
    Pros - Fully automatic does all the humidity monitoring for you
    Cons - Price if bought separate from the incubator
    This pump takes all the worry out of humidity management during incubation. Relatively easy to set up once you have the knack of it. Priming the pump helps sucking the water through the tube before connecting to the incubator. Set your desired humidity level on your incubator and away you go no more having to add water.
  2. Silseb
    "very good"
    Pros - automatic
    Cons - check the tubing once in a while
    Excellent and a must for sebright eggs. Much better humidity control.
  3. Makomd
    Pros - supposed to be automatic
    Cons - they charge 2 different prices
    This of course is only for the humidity pump, but I could leave one for the OVA EASY as well. This humidity pump is the same humidity pump for the Octagons. They appear exact in shape size, everything. Customer service will tell you that the tubing is different, but I had both at the same time and there is no difference what so ever. Buy the cheaper one if you must. The humidity pumps are nice on the smaller incubators, but horrible when using with the larger Ova Easy 190 or 360, just can not pump enough water fast enough to get humidity up above 65% and that is with the vents closed (which is not recommended according to the manual but CS will suggest you to do).

    Update:11/23/12 For the last 3 months I have made some small modifcations that have greatly improved this humidity pump. Using fish tank tubing and connectors have allowed a lot more water flow and the tubing is 100 times more durabable and available then the tubing that comes with the machine.

    After being a fan of Brinsea with the Octagon 20 Advance and moving up to the Ova Easy 190 w/ humidty control, this will be the last Brinsea product I will ever buy. ****Edited**** Since posting this I have gotten some good service from Brinsea in regards to the OvaEasy and hopefully gotten it repaired with no cost to me. Update:11/23/12 Has been perfect since getting the new motor.

    Update: 5/9/13 I have had no issues with the Humidity pump or Ova Easy since the last review. The simple modifications made to the exterior of the humidity pump have been working great and still no need to replace tubing. The OvaEasy has been working flawless since the new motor, very pleased. Changed my rating to 3.5 stars for the humidity pump, it is still undersized for the large incubators and without modifications it runs non stop and never getting over 45-50%. A few extra changes made at the manufacturer could easily be a 5 star rating and usable product.

    Update 12/28/13 After the initial issues with the turning motor and making the modifications to the humidity pump, I have been very pleased with this incubator. We hatched eggs pretty much from Jan-Oct and have been very pleased with the performance and consistency of this incubator.
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