P20FB - Flat Back Plastic Bucket - Pink

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  • Plastic buckets have always been a favorite around the farm. Buckets are made for polyethylene resin that is impact resistant, protects against warpage and helps prevent stress cracks. The Flat Back fits more compactly against a wall or fence and makes hauling easier. 20 Quart Capacity with Metal Handle.
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  1. 21hens-incharge
    "Good quality bucket"
    Pros - Easy to secure to a fence or post, easy to clean, holds up well to heat and cold
    Cons - To deep for chickens to get full use of the water in the bucket. If a bird falls in it struggles to get out.
    I use these for my dogs. I love the quality! These hold up very well in freezing temps and sweltering summers. The handle is very well mounted so won't break.
    I don't use these for chickens. I feel they are to deep for my birds to use safely. If it gets to low to reach the water they tended to get on the rim and lean in. Freaks me out thinking the will fall in.
    It would work well for geese and taller ducks. The handle can be secured to a fence so they won't tip it.
    I do actually really like these.....just not for chickens.
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    Under $15
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  2. Lacy Duckwing
    "Great for a goose waterer"
    Pros - Durable for a goose waterer ever when things start to freeze. Even is good for goats.
    Cons - I had two of them and the handle bent on one of them.
    The buckets are good for a goose waterer and the geese has enough room to dunk their head under in the bucket.

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