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    Large Fowl
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    Feather Legged
    Rare breed that is not well known in USA. Feathered legs and feet. Breed has 5 toes and each toe must have feathers individually. Extremely cold hardy. Comb must be as per Barbanter, the V shaped comb.

    The Pavlovskaja is one of the oldest Russian breeds. In 1895 it was mentioned in the literature as "an extreme rarity." In the 1980s a couple of cock birds were found by a poultry breeder and crossing these with some other crested breeds, the Pavlovskaja Hen as been saved from extinction. There is now a Russian standard for the breed. Its name comes from the village of Pavlovo in the province of Nizhniy Novgorod.

    They have a large upright crest, muff and beard. The feathers should completely surround the leg and should be on all toes, unlike in other breeds of chickens.

    The meat is said to be light and slightly gamy.
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  1. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful bird
  2. EggWalrus
    "Good they didn't go extinct!"
    Amazing story of those poor birds.
  3. Mountainbeauty
    "Amazing Bird"
    Pros - Great Info
    very distinct
    Great pics
    Cons - Wish i knew of a way to get a breeding pair of them
    What color eggs
    how much do they weigh
    This Bird is amazing in every way. For where I live they would be great because of bein cold resistant. beautiful color!!!!!!
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  1. Sylvester017
    @RussianChickens Have you had a chance to try the Pavlovskaja? I've seen some youtube videos and they are beautiful. I talked with a breeder who said the Pavies are very low egg production and smallish eggs. But I think people want this breed for its beauty and gentler temperament more than for eggs/meat.
  2. AGuyWithSomeHen
    anybody know the breed's characteristics? Broodiness? How the do in heat? Production? etc?
  3. AGuyWithSomeHen
    How about an update?
  4. hammytammy
    id love to hear more about your birds.
  5. hammytammy
    how is your project with these birds turning out?
    they are fabulous looking!
    do you have stock? or a source to purchase these for me?
  6. Shalom Farm
    If you have eggs at any point, I would love to purchase some. I would love help improve the stock of this breed.
  7. LuckyLouanne
    I want some! They look so awesome! I am anxious to read your update. Is it possible to get eggs?- I am new to chickens :eek:)

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