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  1. Mountainbeauty
    "Amazing Bird"
    Pros - Great Info
    very distinct
    Great pics
    Cons - Wish i knew of a way to get a breeding pair of them
    What color eggs
    how much do they weigh
    This Bird is amazing in every way. For where I live they would be great because of bein cold resistant. beautiful color!!!!!!
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  2. RussianChickens
    "Beautiful Unique Cold Hardy Bird"
    Pros - Keeps great in the coldest of winters, Unique, beautiful, hardy
    Cons - Very Hard to locate in USA
    Great cold weather bird. Nice feathering and very Beautiful Striking Unique look. Ancient heritage breed. I am currently in the process of buying some of these birds to breed my self. I will come back and edit this later after I have had the birds for a while.

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