Pearl Guinea

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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Grey with small white dots
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Pearl guinea fowl are related to other game birds including pheasants, turkeys, and partridges. They were domesticated from the helmeted guineafowl found
    in Africa.
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  • Breed Details:
    Their eggs are thick shelled and harder to break than most chicken eggs. Pearl guinea fowl are valued as natural pest controllers. Many people raise them to help control the deer tick, which is a carrier of lyme disease. Their diet consists of various insects, including ticks, wasps, bees, grasshoppers and many other garden and lawn pests. They also eat a variety of seeds, grasses and grains. They will also eat chicken feed when offered, and are often fed a game bird feed. Only female guineafowl can make the two- note call that sounds like "buck-wheat". Both male and female guineas can make the single note call. Males will also have larger wattles than a female, but it's often difficult to tell the gender of the bird by looking at the wattles. They are often kept with other fowl because of their high alertness and awareness. They are flock birds and are very social. They do better when kept in a moderate to large size flock than they do on their own. Adult pearl guinea fowl are very hardy. Pearl guineas are great lookouts and are often the first to spot a predator. When they sound the alarm they are very noisy and everyone close by will hear it. When they feel threatened, they will form a tight group and stick together. Sometimes they will follow and harass whatever they feel is a threat. My pearl guinea fowl have saved my flock three times from hawks by letting us know with their loud, harsh calls. The incubation period for guinea fowl is 26-28 days. Young guineas should be kept dry and warm.







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  1. Nathaliexx
    "I love my 3 guinea fowls"
    Pros - Can watch them for hours, love to cuddle, (mine) aren’t that dumb, look after eachother, beautiful feathers
    Cons - Can be loud
    View attachment 1656316 8BDF1901-AECE-4577-8C31-60773B533EB4.jpeg E7D52E27-E6F4-4492-B9E5-81C1603721C2.jpeg EA112639-7ED2-4A45-A1F3-29B1D25F6402.jpeg AB0F5C5D-D27F-42C2-8D4E-591E57476D22.jpeg

    Haha, i can’t think of any more cons to be honest.
    Totday they turned 16 weeks already...time flies...
    We also have a rooster and a chicken, but the rooster doesn’t seem to accept the guineas (yet?).
    That’s why i keep them inside (for now) in a cage (at night)..(i know some of you may find that weird/wrong). During the day they walk around the house and outside in our bigger chicken coop. We also have a little coop, where they’re able to eat from our garden.
    Our 3 guineas are very tame; they’re sitting with us on the couch and love to cuddle and ‘take baths’ on their blanket.
    They also love to explore the house, they follow us around and are ‘talking’ almost all the time:)
    I really have to say i don’t think they’re dumb at all, they do understand many things, i mean, you can teach them. I think that has to do with the way they were raised. They do remember things very well.
    Like, they know exactly when i’m going to sleep, it gets quiet and when i talk to them, like “goodnight sweeties” they do respond.
    When my husband gets up early in the morning, they start ‘talking’ to him immediately (haha, yes we checked that).
    Anyways, i so love them!:love
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    Few €
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    October 2018


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  2. ThatGuyWithTheChickens
    "This is just my own experience with our two...."
    Pros - They help with tick control
    Cons - Super loud
    aggressive towards my other birds
    You remember those crisp fall mornings where you could just sit on your porch with a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet sounds of nature?

    Well if you get guinea fowl those days are gone. These things never shut up and have the most annoying squawk I've ever heard. They just squawk and squawk all day long. Heaven forbid if they actually like you because then they follow you around every time you go outside screaming for attention, literally.

    We have two guinea fowl, 30+ chickens, and 3 ducks. The only think you ever hear when you go outside is the guineas. They are little feathered bundles of nightmare. They are also quite aggressive towards our chickens and will push them off the food bowls. The ducks seem to hold their own though.

    The only good thing I've found from Hankry and Pankry (the names given to them by my daughter) is this year is supposed to have been an incredibly bad year for ticks. If you go into our field you will get covered in ticks, but around our coop and the yard its virtually tick free. They also make fairly good predator alarms if you can ever figure out which noise is the alarm noise and which is just the plain "hey look at me" noise.

    If you happen to buy a couple of these make sure you stock up on tylenol.
  3. guinealeghorn
    "I'm a guinea lover!"
    Pros - eats: ticks, bugs, snakes, mice, and weeds. Feathers are pretty.
    Cons - You have to have a large yard for free ranging, noisy, small eggs, not the friendliest.
    I'm going to be honest. Guineas are not for anyone. Most of the time, guineas are antisocial, noisy jerks. If you handle them from keets, though, you can get them to let you hold and play with them. They are noisy and will NOT shut up, so I suggest a coop not attached to your house. Also, the neighbors might object to the noisiness...[​IMG] However, if you live in the country, with lots of pests, the guineas will be perfect. They will kill snakes and mice as well as ticks and other pests. Some people think they're the ugliest things on the face of the planet, but to a guinea person, they are adorable. They are fun to watch when they run around the yard in a little flock. They are FAST!!! I use their feathers for projects, like making Christmas ornaments. Not city birds, but I think they are great. If you're not a guinea person, though, they can be annoying and obnoxious. Gotta love em, though! [​IMG]

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  1. JaegerDePato
    Had them growing up. I am pretty sure they evolved directly from the velcoraptors in Jurassic park. Their prey is bugs. They were so fun to watch hunting grasshoppers. They would hone in and attack from all angles and rip them to shreds. Ticks get eradicated from the area they are allowed to free range. I have seen them group up and scare off stray cats. They are extremely loud, but very fun. If they were allowed at my current residence, I would have them in a heart beat.
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  2. bettyann53
    Best watch dogs ever. I just hatched 31 mixed: pearl, white and pied.
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  3. indigo flats
    I have two and absolutely love them. Raise these two with my chickens they are not scared of me and come running to be close but will not let me pick them up. They noisy when other people are around but with me they are quite.
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  4. pattyhen
    Thanks so much. I think they bonded with us because they didn't have any other flock members to bond with. Plus I think we got some special guineas.
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  5. GlennLee
    That's a great picture of Spider and Mary Jane. I wish I had had more hands to tame my flock when they were keets so that they would have been tame like them. You are an amazing bird woman!
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  6. Indyshent
    Update: I picked up two babies this spring at an RK because zoning issues were about to change in my area, and it was "now or never" on having guineas again. I really did miss the original guy, but if these two don't work out here, I have another home lined up for them in advance. I purchased these two a little younger than the first one in hopes of better socializing them (and it's worked out much better!). Had to resuscitate the smaller one yesterday because it was in the duck pool and had all its back feathers ripped out when I came home from school. Not sure what happened because the ducks really like my guineas and sleep with them all the time.

    Guineas are such neat little birds :D
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  7. N F C
    I don't have guineas but enjoyed reading your review of them (I learn best through humor)! Entertaining and informative review.
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  8. jacksonnotary
    Very well said and to the point and I can only confirm your experience. I love them for all the same reasons but in my family I am the only one that has warm and fuzzy feelings for them.
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  9. zuluchicken
    thechxwhisperer: Beating up on your hens in an enclosed area is just natural and instinctive behaviour.

    Duluthralphie: "They will fight each other to death for no reason,". There is a reason. They are locked up and being males, they will fight for territorial space - again natural instinct..

    If you have to keep Guinea Fowl, the best way to do it is to place fertilised eggs under a hen and let she bring them up like her own chikens as part of the flock. That will help with integration but 99.9 % of the time the males will become a problem once they are fully grown and start to display their natural instinctive behaviour.
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  10. thechxwhisperer
    zuluhen, good post! Duluthralphie, I totally understand! My males beat up my hens too. But the females are really sweet to everyone!

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