Peckomatic Poultry Drinker

  • I just bought this poultry drinker last week and happy to say that it’s working quite well. The bird feeder we had purchased from them 6 months before was working perfect for our chickens and it hasn't caused any troubles till now, so thought of purchasing this drinker too from them. This drinker is exactly what I was looking for. It provides water only when our chickens demands for it and that’s the best part of it. The purchased one can't be hanged up but have got a stand and we have placed it in our backyard. It won't leak, height can be adjusted and there is no way to get dirt in it. Our flock of chickens (6 hens) learned using it by their own by the 3rd day since it’s placed it in our backyard. I've placed it close to the feeder so that my chickens can have water soon after they have their feeds. At first, I preferred moving water but started with this and now I don't feel we need anything more.
    Our chickens love this drinker and we get such pleasure out of watching them using it. Very happy with this second purchase too. It’s really worth the price. I would highly recommend :)
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