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    As adults they are White, and Cream. As ducklings they are Yellow. Their beaks range from pink to orange colors, and their feet are orange.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Pekins originated in China. They were bred from a Mallard duck. In 1873, they were brought to Long Island, NY. The ancestors of the Pekin lived in a canal, which was connected by waterways to Nanjing. The Pekin is now one of the most popular commercial ducks bred for meat.
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  • Breed Details:
    Average weight of mature bird: Male- 8-9 lb Female- 10-12 lb Features include: Pink or orange beak White or cream colored feathers Yellow or orange feet Temperament: They are very domestic, sweet birds. They will love a good cuddle, and love to be pet. They have a great temperament. Purpose: Egg, and meat production. Eggs: They are 90-100 grams. Pekin eggs are white, or off white in color. They have 89% Fertility When they are laying you should get about an egg per day. Meat: Meat ranges from a lighter to darker brown. Pekins were chose as meat birds, because of their heavy size, and thick chest. If fed high protein diets, the meat will become thicker. Climate: If kept in housing they can handle about 5+ degrees (Only if fully feathered). They are very hardy, but if the climate drops below 5 degrees you should provide more shelter. In hotter weather they can handle about 100-120 degrees, if provided a pool, and shade. Housing: They should be given a shaded house, with weather proofing additions. Chainlink dog kennels work well in any weather, as long as they are weatherproofed. There should be a roof, and well as a raised dog house, to keep warm. Difficulty: They are very easy to raise. Provided you have housing, feed, and proper accommodations for them. Parenting: They are very poor at parenting. Their mothering skills aren't that great, and the easier way to hatch their eggs would be in an incubator. They rarely go broody. Male & Female: The best way to own these ducks is in a 1:4 male to female ratio. You can own all hens, but they will never get the company of the opposite sex. Incubation period: The eggs will incubate for 28 days. On the 28th day the ducklings will hatch. Breeding: Breeding season lasts year round for pekins. Some slack off, and only mate when they feel like it which could be every few days, but typically is lasts year round. Growth Rate: They grow very fast! By week 2 they already start to sprout tiny feathers, and by week 5 they have most of them. They will be about the size of an average duck by week 6. Noise: Females are very loud. They quack at everything. Males are very quiet, and have more a raspy quack. Foraging: They have GREAT foraging abilities! They are great free ranging ducks, and if they do free range they will require less feed. Life Expectancy: Their average life expectancy for Pekins is about 10-15 years.







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  1. Aporter0190
    "Good duck"
    Pros - Grows fast. Easy to care for.
    Cons - A bit of a bully to my male mallard.
    I’ve had my male for a year now and he’s really great. he learned how to fly from my mallard pair.
    Purchase Date:
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  2. Zrach
    "Love my Doris Day!"
    Pros - Beautiful white.
    Large, heavy
    Good Layer
    Cons - Mine was a bit skiddish.
    I named my Pekin Doris Day. She was a great pet bird! Miss her.
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  3. Haydog03
    "Friendliest duck!"
    Pros - The friendliest duck I’ve seen is my male Pekin. He’ll come right up to me, and let me stroke him.
    Cons - I’ve had the most health issues with Pekins!
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  1. seber
    Great ducks, super friendly and docile, but in my experience, they are extremely stupid and will put anything and everything in their mouths. Mine are also very vocal and will tell you when they're unhappy. Overall, great breed for starter birds, but like I said they can be absolutely idiots at times.
  2. tiger91807
    They breed them for meat T-T
  3. Table4Six
    Adorable and friendly. Great funny personalities too.
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  4. Sandiemouse
    I need some help, I'm a new mommie of 4 beautiful perkins and 3 khaki ducks, it was sold as 2 drakes and the rest hens. Now that they are playing hop on top I'm not sure who is what, I know for a fact my two drakes by the tails and quacks but my females, I'm not sure if the are females or males.
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  5. NoFlyBackFarm
  6. atalantis
    sooooooooooooooo cute!!! i have 8 i thought i had 9 but i was a gosling!:):hit:celebrate:barnie:he
  7. Duckgoose
    Best ducks for pet or companions love my two Pekins
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  8. Laurid
    How can you tell a male from a female Peking duck
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    2. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      The feathers tail of the mail create a ring!!!
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Feb 2, 2018
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    3. Laurid
      Thanks for information I know I have Two female Peking ang a female orpinton with the five year old male Peking its ok he is loving his girls and takes care of them watches over them I love my Ducks there names are Bubble, Iberia and Vanilla our Buff and Big Lennon
      Laurid, Jun 16, 2018
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    4. Laurid
      I am working on hatching two eggs we have six days to go and we will see
      Laurid, Jun 16, 2018
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  9. bernie131
    how do u get rid of mites, fleas or lice, he scratches all the time, ?
    1. DanTduckman
      mites dont like a lot of water. if you let your duck bath frequently, the mites hate it and will usually go.
      if bathing isnt an option, you can buy powder and fluff it all through their feathers. the powder is sulphur based. smells terrible, but it does work.
      DanTduckman, Nov 21, 2017
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  10. bernie131
    i have a pekin drake dumped at the college pond & i love him but he does "charge" at my son, the dog & the cats, gave him a stuffed animal & he goes 2 town on it, long does behavior last?
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    1. DanTduckman
      i had a pekin drake. his behaviour was similar. in spring and summer its worse, but then gets better in autumn and winter. i noticed that when he reached about 5 years old, he mellowed a little, but always had that slight tendency in spring and summer
      DanTduckman, Nov 21, 2017
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