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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    As adults they are White, and Cream. As ducklings they are Yellow. Their beaks range from pink to orange colors, and their feet are orange.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Pekins originated in China. They were bred from a Mallard duck. In 1873, they were brought to Long Island, NY. The ancestors of the Pekin lived in a canal, which was connected by waterways to Nanjing. The Pekin is now one of the most popular commercial ducks bred for meat.
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  • Breed Details:
    Average weight of mature bird: Male- 8-9 lb Female- 10-12 lb Features include: Pink or orange beak White or cream colored feathers Yellow or orange feet Temperament: They are very domestic, sweet birds. They will love a good cuddle, and love to be pet. They have a great temperament. Purpose: Egg, and meat production. Eggs: They are 90-100 grams. Pekin eggs are white, or off white in color. They have 89% Fertility When they are laying you should get about an egg per day. Meat: Meat ranges from a lighter to darker brown. Pekins were chose as meat birds, because of their heavy size, and thick chest. If fed high protein diets, the meat will become thicker. Climate: If kept in housing they can handle about 5+ degrees (Only if fully feathered). They are very hardy, but if the climate drops below 5 degrees you should provide more shelter. In hotter weather they can handle about 100-120 degrees, if provided a pool, and shade. Housing: They should be given a shaded house, with weather proofing additions. Chainlink dog kennels work well in any weather, as long as they are weatherproofed. There should be a roof, and well as a raised dog house, to keep warm. Difficulty: They are very easy to raise. Provided you have housing, feed, and proper accommodations for them. Parenting: They are very poor at parenting. Their mothering skills aren't that great, and the easier way to hatch their eggs would be in an incubator. They rarely go broody. Male & Female: The best way to own these ducks is in a 1:4 male to female ratio. You can own all hens, but they will never get the company of the opposite sex. Incubation period: The eggs will incubate for 28 days. On the 28th day the ducklings will hatch. Breeding: Breeding season lasts year round for pekins. Some slack off, and only mate when they feel like it which could be every few days, but typically is lasts year round. Growth Rate: They grow very fast! By week 2 they already start to sprout tiny feathers, and by week 5 they have most of them. They will be about the size of an average duck by week 6. Noise: Females are very loud. They quack at everything. Males are very quiet, and have more a raspy quack. Foraging: They have GREAT foraging abilities! They are great free ranging ducks, and if they do free range they will require less feed. Life Expectancy: Their average life expectancy for Pekins is about 10-15 years.







Recent User Reviews

  1. jolenejellybean
    "Great ducks for eggs"
    Pros - Good eggs, tame, easy care
    Cons - Poop a lot
    I hatched these out for a 4-H project having no intention of keeping them. I ended up with a beautiful pair and I'm looking forward to getting more. The eggs are fatastic! She started laying around Christmas and gives me an egg every day. They free range in the yard, but don't go very far. They are very nice to work around and are content to hang around the kiddie pool all day. They tolerate the cold much better than chickens.
    Osupile Osupile Dux likes this.
  2. TheMauveDuck
    "Skiddish, Beautiful, Tame, Protective"
    Pros - Gorgeous, Excellent layers, Hardy
    Cons - Loud, Protective, Messy, Aggressive towards other ducks
    As an owner of five Pekin ducks whom are over a year old and hand raised I feel like I've had time to observe these beautiful animals. They stay in the preferred area in and around their run and under the shelter of trees always. They move together as a group so as long as I see one I know the others aren't far behind. My three females were excellent egg layers-double yolks on a weekly bases. Unfortunately even after being raised by our family since they were days old they still aren't comfortable around us. They are treated humanely and pampered properly never chased or mistreated but they still refuse to accept that they live with us. They only run to us if they know we have food for them. They don't mind sharing space with the chickens but they hate our ducklings. They are around four months old and we still have to separate them in the coop. The ducklings do nothing to taunt them but the Pekin's are relentless. They pick out their feathers and chase them out of the pond. Despite the draw backs we love our Pekins. They are a wonderful addition to our small farm and I will never regret owning them.
  3. The Pinto Pony
    "Good Ducks!"
    Pros - Easy to handle, great pets, pretty, adorable
    Cons - easily scared, dirty, noisy, drake is MEAN!
    I have two Pekin ducks, a male and female that are my first ever Ducks. I do NOT regret getting them at all. They are very easily tamed if you get them when they're young Although, my Drake is a biter and likes to aggravate my Muscovies. But they will follow me around the yard if I let them, and sometimes they try to fly, which is super funny! So if you don't want to fall in love with ducks then don't get this breed [​IMG]! They never fail to make me laugh and keep me super happy [​IMG]!

User Comments

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  1. lgergely
    Looking two purchase two Female Pekin Ducks. Vermilion,oh
  2. Herdcutter
    A very good duck for many purposes. They have a sense of humor. They are great, once a day, egg layers. They are delicious meat ducks. They are LARGE like 9-10 pounds. Easy keepers - if you feed them and make sure they have plenty of fresh water. They like a swimming pool and they love, love to go worm hunting. They make wonderful instant manure. The girls are not as friendly as the boys, but the boys will rape your girls.
  3. wcfinklized
    First ....they are NOT. Small cute things.... They are huge cute things.....my khakis are less than half the size of my beast pekins.... When i got them as ducklings.... I didnt know they would get so big.... And they aint done growing yet..... They are very well mannered....they arent mean to the kids by anymeans....they also tend to scatter when Ya come near.... Unless of course ya have food. No complaints here.... Just be warned if new to the breed....they are big and eat alot.
  4. BirdGirl2004
    I got 2 of these for a present and I have loved them since the moment I got them. Beautiful birds and handle the cold very nicely eggs taste great. Want to get more this spring.
  5. lcertuche
    Ohhhh, I want some. They look so regal.
  6. lcertuche
  7. arrowti
    Your pekins are so gorgeous! Do you have a male and a female or two females?
  8. AtropineCaffein
    Thanks all.

    We sent the Pekins to freezer camp. My other batch of ducklings (not Pekins) are fully grown, as is another set of ducklings I bought later. All of these take to the pond like...well....ducks to water.

    Our current ducks act a lot more like ducks should I believe. :)
  9. BakerzDozen
    Sometimes, animals are aware of dangers in places we aren't privy too. Maybe they sense danger, a snapping turtle comes to mind. My parents ducks stopped going in the pond and later we found that a moderate size Sapping turtle moved in...
  10. starryhen
    Everyone talks about the ducks being messy but I don't see it. They just hang around in the large back yard 24/7 and I rarely see anything. It's all the chicken poop I dislike!!! My Pekins are not noisy unless they are hungry or want my attention for some reason. They do like to dig holes and these can be quite deep and of some concern when the weather is rainy and they start routing out the dirt from under buildings and paving stones straining for bugs.!!! We were given the ducks and don't have eggs yet, I'll be interested to see those.

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