Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth DE Food Grade

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    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour) has many uses: in the household, with pets, on plants, around livestock, and for stored grain. It is totally organic and listed with OMRI.

    With more than 600 deposits of diatomite west of the Mississippi-and only four (to our knowledge) that can be considered food grade-it is very important that people know what they are using. The vast majority of diatomite deposits are impure.

    When diatomite is formed, water currents bring in foreign material that mixes with the microscopic diatom shells. This type of diatomite is absolutely without value for practical purposes, but many people tend to think that if it is "Diatomaceous Earth," then it has the same value as other, purer deposits. There are many places where diatomite deposits can be loaded up "for free," but generally this substance has no value. If this impure diatomite is sold for practical usage, the customer may end up with an unpleasant surprise.

    Home: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth as an Organic Pesticide
    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is used around the house as an organic pesticide for the control of ants, cockroaches, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas, box elder bugs, scorpions, crickets, ticks, and many other unwelcome pests.

    Natural ant control is one of the biggest reasons for the usage of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in and around the home. For complete ant control, simply sprinkle the area of concern with fossil shell flour (DE). When the ants or other pests come in contact with the powder, it is like stepping on broken glass, they will be killed or abandon the area.

    Pets: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Flea, Tick, and Lice Control
    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an effective, organic pesticide against fleas, ticks, lice, and other pests that bother our pets.

    Plants: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth as a Natural Insecticide
    Use Perma-Guard Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth as a natural insecticide for the non-chemical control.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. HappyDancin'
    "Perfect for fly control in the coop"
    Pros - No stink in my coop, less flies
    Cons - Works only while dry - 'disappears' when wet
    I bought this 50 lb bag on Amazon last July and I'm still using it!

    I sprinkle it in the coop, before I lay my straw. I sprinkle it in the chickens' dust bath. I also dust my goats and chickens with it for lice/mite prevention... I haven't had problems with of those (as a result?)
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  2. KikisGirls
    Pros - Zero
    Cons - Will NOT work for getting rid of worms.
    I believe it is impossible for DE to work if it gets wet.
    If would be impossible to kill/rid worms in a WET gut.
    Save your money if you are buying this to get rid of internal worms.
  3. Tevyes Dad
    "Great way to buy DE if you don't have a good..."
    Pros - Cheap, right to your door.
    Cons - None unless you can get it cheaper locally.
    I use DE as part of my bedding mix for my ducks. It keeps their house dry and nearly odor free and clumps up the liquid wastes so they can be easily removed. It may help with worms and mites - don't really know since I haven't had a problem with either.

    The only way I can get DE locally is in a 2 lb bag. Buying it that way costs $6-7/lb. I can regularly get this 50lb bag from Amazon delivered for a little over $1/lb. As you can see my last bag worked out to $1.14/lb. This is quite a big savings and I don't have to go get it. A 50lb bag lasts me about 8 months so it isn't an unreasonable amount to buy at one time for me.

    Don't let the automatic price fool you. Depending on the seller, more than half the price can be shipping but the "to the door" price has held steady for at least the last two years at $50-$60.
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  1. Tevyes Dad
    I am not sure about expense since I don't have PDZ available here either and haven't used it. You must use food grade DE. There are two types of DE, one from salt water which is used for pools, which is not safe for animals to consume, and one from fresh water which it tested for heavy metal content and is "food grade" and is safe for animals should they consume some.
  2. minpins99
    Is the DE more or less expensive than PDZ? Am I correct in assuming it's chicken safe since they peck everything.

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