Plastic 1 Quart Jar Feeder

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  1. 007Sean
    "Quart feeder"
    Pros - Cost, durability, ease of use.
    Cons - Have to refill often
    I use them for my quail and pheasant chicks. Works pretty well but need refilling often. Durable, and cost effective.
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  2. meetthebubus
    "Ok for a couple weeks"
    Pros - Easy to clean, durable
    Cons - Won't be useful for long
    I find that my chicks soon don't like the holes and as they get older and consume more it runs out pretty fast but it is great for a liitle while
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  3. HoneysuckleHomestead
    "Great for small flocks"
    Pros - Easy to clean, little mess, great for small groups of chicks
    Cons - Not great for a group of more than 8-10 chicks.
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  1. SenpaiChickens
    Hard for chickens with combs
  2. arrowti
    We had to screw the bottom part into place with ours to keep it from falling apart.
  3. penny1960
    mine are both of the metal bottoms so maybe those stay better
    but I also only use them for new peeps
  4. cyborg
    My major complaint with these is that after you fill the jar and screw on the base, when you flip it over, about 1/2 to 3/4 of the feed is used to fill the base. I drilled a 1/2 inch hole in the top and fill it with a funnel.
  5. Heme
    Now that is genius. Way to go.
  6. chickincrazy
    Well that's a good idea. I'll have to try that.
  7. Heme
    A Fix to Poop and Sitting on Food/Water containers: I use these exclusively in my brooder boxes. Chicks can actually stand up and reach their beaks over the container lips or holes after a week old when I raise the units. The first week I lay the units on the ground so the chicks get use to them. A week later, I place them 2" to 3" high onto a wire ring I made from cage fencing. The wire fence is sturdy with square 1/8 inch holes, not chicken fencing that is weak. I made a round ring from the fencing, just a bit smaller than the food container bottom so the containers sit neatly in place.
    The chicks still go there for nutrients and reach up just fine. Now they do not jump up and sit (poop) or scratch floor material that land on the container openings.
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  8. Xephyr
    These are great for smaller backyard coops. They don't hog floor space. They have pretty colors. Mine are purple :)
    However I hot glued some ceiling hooks to the jar bottoms/tops and hang them from hooks with chains from the roof. So no chicks pooping in them
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  9. Scifisarah
    You can always cut off the top, to turn it into a top loading feeder. Or, cut out just a little bit from one side of the top, and then drill a small hole through the center and attach an eye loop backed with a washer to the top and turn it into a small hanging feeder.
  10. Turk Raphael
    Honestly...chicks (and chickens) peck at everything. I learned a long time ago to start chicks with moist feed turned out onto a couple of plastic bucket lids. They can get at the food from all angles, can't kick it too much because of the consistency, totally easy to clean and...for those who will scream that the chicks will poo in it...they sure will and they will poo into every other kind if feeder when they are young.

    I keep my birds wormed and the bedding very clean. When they are big enough to leave the brooder, they get the hanging feeders and....the youngsters will continue to pick through poo where ever they can find it. I never have a problem with diseases (I do inoculate).

    Lighten up a bit .Every farm has dozens of bucket lids lying around and they are dishwasher safe...lolol

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