Plastic 1 Quart Jar Waterer

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  1. StiltChickens
    "Absolutely horrid!"
    Pros - Its price
    Cons - Young chicks can easily drown, and older chicks foul up the water rly fast. It breaks easily.
    I purchased this waterer at my local feed store, and... it sucks! Older chicks mess in it or knock it over(my sizzle chicks flooded their pen), and younger chicks drown or get chilled unless you put marbles in it. To top it off, it breaks very easily.
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  2. PrincessAlexaLa
    "Good for like small breeds, but..."
    Pros - You get a lot more water than others same size.
    Cons - Sometimes can be messy, especially around small chicks.
    It's good for small breeds but for just hatched chickens... oh no! That's a NO NO. I tried on my baby chicks and they all got so wet, that they just made a mess and they were so cold I have to remove the water and allowed them to get dry. I think is good like for 4 to 5 weeks old chicks.
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  3. Chullicken
    "Great for chicks..bad for everything else"
    Pros - Small, durable
    Cons - Prone to crack in colder climates, $3.99 where I live for this....$0.45 plastic jar? Tips very easy
    Raising chicks they're pretty good. One will find themselves having to make arrangements using these within brooders/coops as they are very, very easy to tip over. Summers are fine, winter you may as well just smash them and get it over with as every one I've ever had has cracked from the cold.
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    $3.99 per piece
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  1. The Angry Hen

    I really like this item. My only con is that you should wash it twice a day.
    It can get quite smelly. But I really liked that I could use a mason jar instead of plastic.

    I hope anyone who buys it has good luck with it!

    -The Angry Hen
  2. penny1960
    I agree I have three use them only with pullets of 4 or less
  3. itokuzu
    I accidentally bought the waterer base, so right now I use the ring as a feeder, keeping the jar on top so the chicks can't scratch it as much. They managed to spill all the water out, when I had it filled with water, into their brooder though, so I stopped putting water in it.
  4. N F C
    We got a couple of these when the girls were little. Now that they are much bigger, we replaced the plastic container with big honey jars (5 quart size I believe) and elevated them on blocks of wood. These work ok, they do get messy but I can clean & fill them where my husband has to take care of the bigger 3 gallon water (too heavy for me).
  5. ALJhappychicken
    You're right, they are very nice. But my trusty green on just got a crack in the bottom. Had to throw it away.
  6. weezilgirl
    Thank god it isn't just me. I hate this water device. The big one the clerk sold me is far too big
    for now. It has the nipples but I can't use it yet. I'm hoping to find something that resembles a
    hamster water thingy.
  7. Dawna
    I don't like the plastic chicken water containers because they seem to get a bad smell inside real quick, compared to the glass jars.
    I just got some Welsummers and RIR and they have all taken to the nipples for watering like they were born to them. I have some small gatorade bottles and we put a nipple in the lid and they are working real good. I had regular water containers for the chicks and dipped their little beaks in like you are supposed to. They didn't seem to know what to do about the water. I hung a bottle of water with the nipple in the lid inside and they went right to it.
    Also, on the plastic or glass bottles, sometimes the bottle gets turned too far and too tight and that prevents the water from coming out like it should.
  8. WindStep
    The chick waterer.
    Mine dose not let the water come out eather but every hour or so I don't really recomed this to any one!
  9. Trefoil
    This kind of waterier isn't for goslings. They need to immerse their nostrils in water to clear them out. For goslings and ducks both I have found that making a frame with 2 x 4's with screening on top works the best. you set their waterier on the screen ( I use a fortex quart tub or to start a stable bowl) and a pan under the screen to catch the mess. Make the platform large enough for the babies to walk on. For chicks I use the quart waterier but I set it in a bowl the size so it sits on top. It gets it off the litter so you have less gunk in it and any spillage is contained in the bowl.
  10. Sweetlilbaby
    Chicken nipple waterers are great. You buy just the nipple part that screws into anything really. You can for chicks drill a hole in a bottle cap and use a soda bottle for them hung from their brooder. Then when they are older you can have the nipples screwed into the bottom of a bucket. they learn almost instantly to drink from them and there is NO WAY to get dirt or gross stuff in it, as well as they are hanging so they can't knock them over.

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