Plastic Hanging Feeder Cover - 11 lbs. Feeder

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  1. bnjrob
    "Better than others I've tried"
    Pros - close fitting, small hole just big enough for rope to pass through, angled to discourage perching
    Cons - doesn't fit tightly/lock into place
    Tried a different feeder with lid that turned out to be a "one size fits all" lid and merely sits on the top of the feeder - and I had a daring chicken perch on it :/

    This lid sits right down on the feeder (as long as you have the correct size/brand feeder), and doesn't flop around. It covers nicely and leaves just enough room in the hole at the top to run your hanging cord through the top. For the size of the feeder - this is the best that I've found for a feeder/lid system.
  2. Kjf18
    "Very Handy"
    Pros - Fits perfectly
    Cons - None
    Fits perfectly on the Littlle Giant 11 pound feeder. Stops the chickens from roosting, and keeps the feed clean. Highly recommended. :)
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  1. Elwood Lightfoot
    That's a good idea, I have several metal ones similar to it I will have to see how they fit into some of the feeders,
  2. wood&feathers
    I bought a smaller one at Southern States, I think it was $3. I want to suggest another use - I put mine INSIDE my home made 5 g bucket feeder. It forces the feed toward the holes, and reduces how much feed is near the bottom, reducing spoilage.

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