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  • Made of high-density, impact resistant polyethylene that is easy to keep clean and will not rust, rot or corrode. Mounts securely on wall with slide-type screw holes. Sloped roof prevents roosting. Mounts to 16″ on center studs. Ventilation holes for fresh air. Perch gives hens a place to land before entering nest.

    Hang three units vertically and fit within recommended guidelines – first unit should be 24″ off ground to protect from predators . Top unit will be low enough from ceiling to prevent roosting.

    Size: L 16.5″ x W 15.88″ x H 19.75″
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  1. Cyprus
    "I have at least 6"
    Pros - Easy to mount. Easy to clean.
    I like them. They're the only nesting boxes my hens will use.
  2. Guinea Goonie
    "I have 4 of them in my building coop."
    Pros - excellent product. easy to install, clean and these are durable
    My hens love these boxes. From big old Austrolups to the bantams. You can mount them low, medium or high and the hens will find them.
    I put alfalpha hay in them and the hens think it is perfect.
    You can just throw hay in them and the hens will take care of the rest.
    Even the game/wild hens like them.
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  3. Angiebubs
    Pros - Easy to clean, no bacteria, hens prefer these over wood
    I started out with a 4 box wood box-was way to small for my Orpingtons. Next I bought one of those open wood boxes, the hens didn't care for this either. As soon as I added two of these, they abandoned the old boxes and stood in line for these. I now have 6 of these. Easy to clean, plenty of privacy, and easy to remove to clean out. Also, if an egg accidently breaks, you don't have to worry about bacteria growth like you do with wood.
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  1. RoosterCogburn7
    I purchased four long ago from TS for a coop build. The design is good, with one issue. Larger Fowl can't fit in the boxes. It took a hand held reciprocating saw to make the entrance holes large enough.

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