Plastic Nesting Box

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  • High density polyethylene that is easy to clean and will not rust, rot, or corrode.
    Ventilation holes for fresh air.
    Sloped roof prevents roosting.
    Easy to mount and remove for cleaning.
    Space saving modular layout - can mount vertically or side by side.
    Perch gives hens a place to land before entering the nest.
    Raised panel in front keeps bedding and eggs from being pushed out.
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  1. Bocktobery 10
    "They aren't used"
    Pros - easy to hang and clean
    Cons - My hens just don't want to lay in them- ever.
    I picked two of these up at Tractor Supply about six months ago. I should note that I have nesting boxes in the coop already, but I wanted to change things up so that it was easier to clean and to have the floor of the coop clear of 'coop furniture" (the nesting boxes I have now are made from an old chest of drawers that sits on the ground, so if I got rid of that my hens would have more space to run around). I thought these plastic boxes would be perfect for my needs. However, my girls don't like them and don't use them. I had maybe two or three eggs laid in them total out of the last six months or so that I've had them. I think my girls are not using them because they are used to lots of space in their box. They are standard sized hens.

    I gave the product 2 and a half stars because I didn't feel it deserved one star or even two, since someone might have better luck with their flock. Its hard to rate because the design is good. It was so easy to attach these to the wall and they are very easy to clean. However, at $20 per box, it can get quite expensive, and for a piece of plastic that probably only cost less than a dollar of material to make, you know you are getting jipped, which doesn't reflect too wonderfully on the company, but I understand they have to make a profit. I bought it anyway just because it was a whole lot easier than the long arduous task of making a set of wooden nesting boxes one can hang on the wall. Plastic is so much easier to keep clean too. Lighter in weight as well.

    To the company, I would say make them a bit larger though with a deeper floor so that when a hen sits her head is popping up out of the window. I'd prefer to pay $10 to $15 for each rather than $20. Its a great idea though.... just needs some fine tuning.
  2. austrolover1
    "Good Boxes!"
    Pros - Easy to clean;
    Cons - Have to bend over to get eggs; eggs break on the bottom if there is not enough hay; too big, have found two hens stacked on top of each other 4 times.
    First nest boxes I have ever had and overall they are pretty good, but there are a lot of things I have problems with. I couldn't even fit them into the cons section... Homemade nest boxes work twice as well.
  3. Blooie
    "Love them!"
    Pros - Easy to clean, move, and no hidey holes for bugs!
    Cons - None in my book
    We initially built nest boxes and didn't do a very good job, I'm afraid,although the did use them. So we bought one of these on a whim and hung it up in the coop. The girls started using it immediately. We now have 6 of them stacked in two rows of 3 and they are in constant use. Even my Buff and Light Brahmas fit into them, although I do admit it's a tight fit. We have long since ripped out the old ones.

    The biggest advantage I've found is that they are so easy to take off the wall that when one of our girls went broody we were able to take her chosen nest down, move it into the pen that had previously been used for a couple of batches of shipped chicks, and she was barely disturbed.
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  1. MiniHorses
    Good points. You should send them to the manufacturer.

    If they were the only nests available for first laying hens, it "might" go better, use wise. You know how there are 10 nests and they all use one?? Mine will stand and sqwuack at the hen in the nest that they all want. Others empty!
  2. stefzbiz
    Those are some nice looking nest boxes, I think my ladies will get an upgrade soon!!
  3. PeppyLaRoo
    Looks like it gets the job done.
  4. juju7551
    LOL! There are nice.
  5. N F C
    Nice review Blooie, thanks! My girls better not see these boxes or they'll be putting them on their Christmas wish lists
  6. harley587
    ChinoChix, good point about installing on wall studs. In the future we plan to upgrade our coop and I didn't think about if we use the studs!!
  7. WthrLady
    I agree. Too small for my large orpingtons. Forget the jerseys!
  8. Angiebubs
    I have 9 of these currently, yet they always seem to dog pile 2-3 in one. And that includes my Wyndottes, Orpingtons, LF Cochins etc. Shoot even my rooster once thought he had to show the hens where to lay and climbed in LOL Wish I had taken a picture.
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  9. Bogtown Chick
    ChinoChix...maybe it was $18 I paid for it. Just thinking about it and 1 year later seeing $20 on them. Anything under $20 is a bit easier to bit the bullet on, IMO. LOL
  10. RareDuck
    I bought mine covered cat litter pans from Dollar General for $11. each. My birds are happy with them.

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