Plastic Nesting Box

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  • High density polyethylene that is easy to clean and will not rust, rot, or corrode.
    Ventilation holes for fresh air.
    Sloped roof prevents roosting.
    Easy to mount and remove for cleaning.
    Space saving modular layout - can mount vertically or side by side.
    Perch gives hens a place to land before entering the nest.
    Raised panel in front keeps bedding and eggs from being pushed out.
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  1. Albertan
    "Great if another nest box needed."
    Pros - Durable and cheap! Chickens like it.
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    Under 20$
  2. annanicole18
    "Years of Use"
    Pros - Light weight, easy to clean and easy to move.
    Cons - Had to buy it unlike homemade ones
    I have has the same hang on the Wall nest box for 7 years. For the $20 it cost it was well worth it. Easy to relocate unlike custom built boxes for exact areas. Cleaning with a scrub brush and oil soap every now and again is a big bonus too. Opening has been large enough for my biggest hens and two determined bantams can fit in there with ease.
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  3. igorsMistress
    "Pretty good nest box"
    Pros - Easy to clean, light weight.
    Cons - None so far
    We bought 2 of these boxes about a year ago and put them in the coop before the girls started laying. They have been used every day for over six months by 5 to 9 chickens. We had one girl that preferred the corner on the floor for a while but eventually she started using a box.
    We have been happy with them and our girls seem to like them. We added a third box before our pullets started laying just in case. Our Australorp pullets are big girls and they have no problem using them. With the newbies figuring things out there have been a couple broken eggs. I simply took the box off the wall, rinsed it out and rehung when dry.
    It's very hot and dry here and the plastic isn't brittle, no cracks or damage in any way. Very happy we opted for these rather than building wood boxes.

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  1. the-bird-man
    good idea bigrooroo. sillychicken i put golf balls in mine and got every girl to get in them because they do not always like new things but once they got in them they loved them and i have not had a problem. i think you should remove the wood box if you have not done it yet
  2. SillyChicken
    I just got one but the girls won't use it yet. Guess they liked their stinky old box better. I like that it will be easier to clean and won't hold the bacteria etc that wood will. I currently use straw in my box. I'll be picking up another on soon.
  3. Bigrooroo
    Replaced shavings with a cheap grass ma tcut to size from the big box stores and no more shavings stuck to the eggs.

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