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Plymouth Rock

Average User Rating:
  1. Lauren Kim
    "So Sweet!"
    Pros - Decent Eggs and Meat
    Friendly, Docile
    Calm, Quiet
    Cons - Can be Lazy
    I've been researching on this breed, and it is possibly the friendliest. They are so sweet and great for kids. I love the beauty of their feathers. Their feathers are heavy but extremely soft. They also lay great brown eggs. BPRs can lay up to 280 eggs per year. They are fine with humans and other chickens- they won't bully them or boss them around, nor BE bullied or bossed around. Since they are quite big, you probably won't lose them at their largest. They weigh about 6.5 lbs(average), so they're not that bad for meat, either. These chickens start laying at about 18 weeks.
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  2. mjett5578
    Pros - Very sweet, great layer
    Cons - wouldn't get them again, but nothing wrong with them at all
    When mine were teenagers, they would all sleep on my lap every night, but they soon died off from predators. Even though they were amazing, I wouldn't get them again because I want to experience more breeds.
  3. jolenejellybean
    "Nice birds make it easy"
    Pros - Tame, reliable, good pets
    Cons - Less productive than some
    I have several partridge rock hens and the only ones I lost were my fault. They lay nice eggs, but not a ton of them. The cockerels I butchered were pretty decent for a heritage breed. I recommend these nice birds for a headache free experience.
  4. 2eggsfried
    "Funny Chickens"
    Pros - Good layers
    Cons - Noise Chicken
    This is only my second group of chicken, my first being Sex-link (brown & black). I find the Plymouth Rocks to be big talkers: talk, talk, talk, all the time. Can be a bit noise. They lay well, I have four hens and average three eggs daily, so far. I just got them in December last year. I'll have to see how they do in the winter. But considering how hot it gets here in North Texas, 3-4 eggs daily during the heat, was unexpected. I do find them to be somewhat picky eaters. My last chickens was eat up, whatever you gave them without a complaint. These girls, will walk way from anything, they don't like, sometimes without even trying it and don't even think about changing they're food :-(. They seem to prefer to look around for something better, usually my potted plants :-0. Anyway, as long as your closest neighbor doesn't have a problem with the noise or you. Then they are fine. Although, I do plan on going back to the sex-linked once I add to my flock. Probably have to separate them, because these girls are very bossy to each other. Can't imagine them taking in new members very well.
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  5. MrsPbio
    "A fun breed!"
    Pros - Smart, talkative, very curious, incredibly soft and fluffy ! Good layer, cold tolerant
    Cons - strong confident personalities, watch for bullying.
    I'm in Central Florida, btw.....

    I have 3 PR hens, and until this week, all have been incredibly awesome. They are friendly- we've handled them since chicks- they'll come running and will jump into my lap when they see a treat bag. They are definitely characters! Very talkative, very observant, responsive. Two of them love to be petted, and will settle right down in your lap and take a nap. The third wants nothing to do with being caught, and will squawk and flap like the world is ending.

    They are trainable ;mine will come when I call, and will walk-single file!- nicely back into their coop when yard-time is done. Mine even know their names. One will jump up high to get a single mealworm from my fingers. Another has figured out that yellow bag has the rest of the mealworms, and will try to get into it. (Why jump for ONE, when she can eat the rest! Smarty!!!) The third just walks around the bag, wondering what the rest are doing. LOL!

    However, they do follow a definite pecking order, and if someone gets out of line, the dominant will let them know...painfully so.

    They lay nice big light brown eggs reliably, until they molt. Then they stop for a while. They seem quite cold-hardy as well, not even blinking an eye when it dipped below freezing for several nights in a row. They don't care much for the hot summers, but I keep nice shady areas for them, fresh water always, and nice cool sand for them to dig down into.

    Their feathers are incredibly soft and fluffy, a joy to stroke and pet. And we love to laugh at the fluffy butts.

    I would recommend them highly for a flock. Get them young and handle them frequently. I've heard they can live for a long time as a pet. (My vet has a few, and they are her favorite!) Nothing as pretty as a flock of speckled Plymouth Rocks, in my opinion.
  6. minichicks05
    "White plymouth rock"
    Pros - nice,friendly,lots of eggs,good in winter
    Cons - roosters are mean, can be bossy, flighty
    Roosters are mean I Have 2 of them one of them is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. The other rooster is a different story if you know what I mean. Hens are very friendly but sometimes bossy, pick on others, and lay eggs everyday for me.
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  7. HomesteaderWife
    "A Very Friendly Hen"
    Pros - Very friendly, follows you around, loves to be in your lap
    Cons - Sometimes OVERLY attatched!
    By far, this is one of the friendliest breeds I have had the pleasure of raising. My newest PR hen is a big baby, and my husband and I have grown attached quickly. She adjusted very quickly to our existing flock, and lays beautiful, medium-sized brown eggs pretty much daily for us. My husband laughs and tells me he never thought he would ever "pet" a chicken, but sure enough our hen likes to jump in your lap and be loved on. Very good free-ranger, and very intelligent.
  8. Trodore
    "Where can get these around Vassar Mi"
    Would love some Pullets
  9. Gossie
    "Very Beautiful"
    Pros - Beautiful, Good Egg Layer
    Cons - Flightier
    We got our silver penciled plymouth rock hen, Mickey, from our schools kindergarten class who hatches eggs every year, and we take them home to our coop for free. She is very pretty and her feathers are silky soft. She lays 1 egg every day even through the winter, but she's not our friendliest bird. She runs away from me when I try to catch her. When I do catch her though, she is very friendly.
  10. BobsChickens
    "Mild-mannered, jumpy, bullied"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, good egg layers
    Cons - Not all that friendly
    Not sure if I should be so biased, as I've only kept 1 Barred Plymouth Rock hen before, named "Lola" (I dunno why, it sounded cute). She's very jumpy and doesn't like human interaction, but isn't aggressive at all--too meek in fact--and is picked on by all 3 of my other chickens. From what I've seen, she lays eggs regularly, although they're smaller than the eggs of my other chickens. Meh...she's pretty sweet when you can catch her and hug her, she just stands on my lap and "talks" to me, repeating the same couple of clucks over and over. I have no idea what it means but it's pretty adorable, heh. I'm not so sure about this but she doesn't seem real smart either. When all her buddies are out foraging in the yard, she's running back and forth along the side of their coop and trying to find the exit.

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