Plymouth Rock

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  1. eatwhatyougrow
    "Nice quiet Gentle breed"
    Pros - Good starter breed,
    Cons - not super meaty if from hatchery stock
    not super layers, but okay
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  2. SFogg
    "All-around great, hardy breed- highly recommend"
  3. Chelsa'sChicks
    "Perfect As Roosters"
    Pros - Lays almost daily, great at free ranging, and the roosters are Great!
    Cons - A hens are little more flighty then some breeds and can be picked on.
    I have 2 BPR hens with other mixed breeds all together. They lay well - even with age and love to roam/free range, but they are both at the bottom of the pecking order and can be picked on. My last two roosters, however, (before my current now) were both BPR. They are in my opinion the perfect rooster. Both roosters sadly died defending the hens whom were all safe and accounted for each time. They are only aggressive when they see fit. My large dogs were attacked a few times for disrupting the hens EX: being hyper directly next to them or bursting through the calm hens while they ate. When I say the dogs were 'attacked' he just jumped at them once with spurs (no blood) to tell them to knock it off. They are great roosters with kids! They are not so good with small dogs. I can't help to laugh still, but I have a long haired miniature dachshund who was assaulted by my BPR rooster multiple times. Its not the roosters fault though I feel, as the dog is short and has a long body and could easily resemble a mink or weasel in a roosters eyes. I swear the rooster would go out of his way to find my small dog, but that also shows the rooster is brave and intelligent to know my small dog would be around.. After all the rooster didn't know he was a dog.
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  4. robinwhiskers
    "Goofy and friendly!"
    Pros - Smart, goofy, friendly, and curious
    Cons - A little flighty
    We have 2 Plymouth Rocks. They can be a little flighty and independent, but they'll still come when called, and they're quite amusing with all their little antics! They are also very pretty and sweet. I'd recommend them as a hardy backyard chicken breed to any chicken owner.
  5. LittleWillowFarm
    "All around great Chicken!"
    Pros - Friendly Towards Humans
    Great Egg Layers
    Very Cold Hardy
    Good Pet Chicken
    Cons - Nothing I can think of!
    I love having this chicken breed in my flock! They give lots of YUMMY eggs and also are so friendly! When the neighborhood kids come and see them, they are always there to see them. I just love these chickies!
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  6. blackandtan
    Pros - Good layer, great rooster
    Cons - Only lays about two years
    overall I like them, my second batch was mixed sex so when the poults started to lay at around 18 weeks, we kept the nicest rooster and the rest were for the freezer - butchered and deboned each one gave 2.5 lbs of meat, which was a pretty fair return. The hens have all died at 2-3 years, but Roo is going strong!
  7. allisonb20
    "Queen of my flock"
    Pros - Constient layer nice medium brown egg
    Good free rangeing/loves foraging
    Cons - Last to go to roost.
    Love my barred rock hen. She is the leader of my flock. A little stubborn if I don't let her free range for long enough. She was friendly at first because the previous owner worked with her. Unfortunately, that vanished about 6 months of living with me as I did not handle her regularly.
    Great egg layer 4 to 5 eggs a week.
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  8. The Chicken-Boy
    "Awsome bird! One of my favorites!!"
  9. LittleRedFace
    "smartest chicken"
    Pros - beautiful, smart, hard working....all good things.
    Cons - love humans too much.
    I am a plymouth rock chicken, I am the best.
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  10. Joanmcm
    "Favorite chicken breed"
    Pros - Hardy in cold climate of the NE; broody; friendly
    Cons - Production type can be aggressive
    We have heritage barred rocks and love them. 50% go broody and we keep chicks every year. Wonderful in cold climates, clean, not fussy chickens. Consistently very good egg layers. Have a hiatus period in December at molt. We live in the NE where the breed was developed and they do very well in the Winter with proper shelter.
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