Plymouth Rock

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  1. Better Than Rubies
    "Very Nice Chicken Breed"
    Pros - Excellent layer (6 - 7 weekly in her prime)
    Very docile, sociable, friendly, and calm
    Early to average maturing (app. 20-and-a-half-weeks is when mine started laying)
    Decent winter layer
    Cold hardy
    Cons - Can be a bit of a bully to other birds
  2. Teabone
    Pros - In my opinion they are the most fun to have.
  3. lilapot
    "Very Friendly, Good Layer"
    Pros - Tempermant-Mine loved humans, and were very friendly
    Good with kids
    Good Layers
    Cons - Could be a bit noisy
    My Barred Rock was the best chicken I ever had. Friendly, and outgoing, she was the perfect family hen, while also producing a good amount of eggs. Good for Houston weather, heat resistant. She rose to the top of the pecking order quickly.

    Friendly, and outgoing, she was the perfect family hen, while also producing a good amount of eggs.

    Highly Recommend.
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  4. Glitterchicks
    "Curious and SWEET!"
    Pros - Sweet, docile, brave, hearty
    Cons - None so far
    I'm new to chickens and dove in head first with 6 different breeds. I have to say that my barred rock babies were some of my favorites from 3 days of age! They are all so sweet and never would shy away from me. They loved to be held and to explore without hesitance! Now that I have roosters, these girls stand up for themselves and never stand to be picked on. They are happy in hot weather, not being bothered by it like the rest of the flock. FANTASTIC birds!
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  5. BlackHackle
    "If You Hit the Right Breeder, as Good as Gold"
    Pros - Friendly, Not Flighty, Lay Well, Good Show Birds
    Cons - Barely any for sale actually are correctly bred Plymouth Rocks
    IMG_20180728_154256.jpg IMG_20180728_152413.jpg Heavily Laced Partridge Rock Hen.jpg IMG_20170708_193725271.jpg IMG_20170708_193910221_HDR.jpg Partridge Rock.jpg
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  6. featherhead007
    I like my Barred Rock because she lays eggs for me, and will come and snuggle with me when I lay out in the yard. The other one is not so friendly, and they are sisters.:confused:
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  7. Norseman
    "Enjoyable Breed"
    Pros - Docile, get aling well with others, good egg layers, a bit more savy with predators than some, love the barred variety,
    Cons - Can get picked on by more aggressive breeds like Reds
  8. NineChickens
    "Good chickens, loud"
    Pros - Good layers, sweet
    Cons - Loud
    When they lay eggs they are REALLY loud, and one of mine always yells at me when I clean the coop. They're nice, though, and good layers. One of my girls goes bloody quite often, however. Super fluffy and nice feathering.
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    April 22, 2016
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  9. eatwhatyougrow
    "Nice quiet Gentle breed"
    Pros - Good starter breed,
    Cons - not super meaty if from hatchery stock
    not super layers, but okay
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  10. SFogg
    "All-around great, hardy breed- highly recommend"

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