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Average User Rating:
  • Breed Purpose:
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    White Crested : Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Choc.
    Solid : Black, Blue, White, Cuckoo
    Laced : Silver, Golden, Buff
    Other : Tolbunt, Crele
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Little is known about the history of the Polish breed. At this time, there is no evidence that proves that they even came from Poland! The oldest record of the breed is a statue located in Vatican City that greatly resembles a Polish Chicken. The breed as a whole has a mysterious history, but because of their beauty, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular breeds in the world.
  • 77413a1f_IMG_2744.jpeg 8fbd10b7_polish-24462-484219.jpeg eba5b88f_polish-24462-285169.jpeg a766b60c_IMG_3277.jpeg bbdb5790_GuyKingofBeastsFlat.jpeg 08cea1dc_BuffyAlbertoVO5.jpeg 08b51441_DSCF5186.jpeg c57e60f7_IMG_1046.jpeg e62b5614_IMAG0184.jpeg 869510bd_IMG_2738.jpeg fffd8980_IMG_2736.jpeg f87b7335_IMG_2749.jpeg 01695192_IMG_2730.jpeg 5273167a_RSCN0799.jpeg f84c9099_BEMIDJI2012217.jpeg 69ffc2a8_DSC02445.jpeg 100080b8_DSC02593.jpeg 758feb2b_Kura.jpeg 9bcc971f_2012-10-1313.07.56.jpeg efbb1c85_IMG_2383.jpeg c5f6a576_IMG_5938.jpeg f96ac0d0_grammyscamera2012-2013159.jpeg 5f3652b1_2012-11-1913.38.35.jpeg b9247eb9_4-2-2014007.jpeg dc3870b5_spchick2.jpeg e428ea17_IMG_4119.jpeg 1cd4652d_image.jpeg a8848c03_IMG_20150602_124525452.jpeg c116fb6f_th.jpeg 6f6ba145_IMG_3371.jpeg dcc440da_IMG_3376.jpeg 07db520b_IMG_3379.jpeg b36461a7_IMG_3377.jpeg ca101cee_IMG_3380.jpeg 9002ef2b_6mFleabite.jpeg a50d58b6_LaceyandStormy.png 503b3f77_Lacey.png

  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:
    Comb: V-Shaped
    Broodiness: Seldom
    Climate Tolerance: All Climates

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size: Medium
    Egg Color: White

    Breed Temperament:

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    White Crested : Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Choc. Solid : Black, Blue, White, Cuckoo Laced : Silver, Golden, Buff Other : Tolbunt, Crele
    Breed Details:
    Along with the vibrant color array that the breed already has, Breeders are constantly making new colors, such as the Black Crested White Polish and Red Crested Red Polish. Frizzled polish are becoming more popular as well, and there are even a few breeders working on Naked Neck (NN) Polish, and NN Frizzled Polish. I have 7 colors of polish and greatly enjoy their unique personalities. They are flighty, but with a little effort on the owner’s part, they will tame, and make great pets. The chicks are a little harder to start off than some other breeds, but in the long run, it is more than worth it to choose this breed.







Recent User Reviews

  1. AmySellersARt
    "As an artist.... these dreamy birds are..."
    Pros - So far mine have been fun and sweet. No problems yet.
    Cons - As new peeps they were very fragile. I needed to keep them "pampered" much longer than my sturdier breeds.

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  2. TheBantyCoop
    "A Very Funny Bird Indeed"
    Pros - Simultaneously Hilarious and Gorgeous in Appearance, Not Terrible Layers, Friendly, Quirky Personalities
    Cons - Cannot See Very Well, Poor with Free Ranging, Have Trouble Flying up to Perches, Light and Flighty
    My Polish is enormously funny, but she does seem to suffer from some problems, may of which originate from her signature "hairdo"

    She is the funniest-looking chicken. The laughs she provokes make the troubles that her feathers cause her not quite as bad.

    I expected her laying to be much worse, as she is an ornamental breed, but it is actually quite good. She lays almost as much as my BR and is one of my most consistent layers. She took the shortest off-season of all of my girls during the molt.

    She is one of my friendlier birds and one of the easiest to catch. She will ride around on my arm while I am gardening by choice.

    She is full of personality. Sometimes, she will have small crazy moments wherein she will run around and attack my other girls. I have no idea why she does this, but it cracks me up and the other girls just put up with it. [​IMG]


    She is practically blind to anything that happens above her! This causes many of her problems.

    She is vulnerable when she is free-ranging. She has a tendency to get separated from the others, and cannot see predators that well.

    She cannot see her roosting perch, so I installed another perch to help her get to it.

    She is pretty light and can fly really well. She could scale most backyard fences pretty easily.

    Consensus: She is a great bird, but she has an unfortunate list of cons. I would recommend Polish to people who want to keep chickens as pets more than layers and who are willing to supervise free-ranging.
  3. Banaynaychicken
    "Blind is Beautiful"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, Crests Are Large and Full, Great for Shows, Relativley Docile, Cute White Eggs, Come in Many Amazing Colors.
    Cons - Head Feathers Get Tattered Easily, MOUTHY, Fairly Blind Due to large Crests, Suceptible to Head Injury.
    I purchased my first Polish for $5 at a feed store. She was an accidental addition, as the brooder contained Leghorns and Cornish Cross chicks. The store owners thought she was a Leghorn who had a brain tumor and said, "You can have her, but no refunds if she dies."

    Little did THEY know I knew bettter. I could tell from the start, POLIIISHHHH

    And so my addiction began.

    Unfortunately at 4 months old, the chick, who I had named Dori, passed away due to a head injury. She had tried to fight my top hen and very apperently took a beating.

    However this did not deter me from loving the breed. They were so curious, and docile and all around beautiful.

    A few months later I was given 3 roosters, Buff Laced cockerels who I named after rock stars. Benetar, Bowie, and Mercury.

    About a month after that, I was contacted by another chickener who couldn't keep her birds due to an HOA, and I was given yet anoth Polish, this time a buff laced bearded female.

    I seem to be hoarding them, but no shame.

    These birds are beautiful, docile, curious, and a hoot to watch runn around the yard.
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User Comments

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  1. smithnan
    I got my first polish chickens a month or 2 ago, and they are so friendly! Does that poof really impair their vision? I feel like a bad mom for not considering that before :( Seems like it would, but... The one with the biggest poof will run clear across the yard (~300 feet) when he (she?) sees me and wait for me to pick him up and carry him around. I never thought of clipping their hair, but i want them to be safe- and not blind...
  2. TheBantyCoop
    Haircuts seem like a good idea. I should give that a try!

    Do not worry! Care for them is essentially the same as it is for any chicken. As long as you have your girl ranging in a flock, she should not leave the others unless threatened by a predator.
  3. Woytgirl
    I had a White Polish Crested Roo, loved him so much. Had to give him away. :( I love this breed and I hope to get more very soon. :)
  4. AmySellersARt
    My big girls would if they could.... I built them their own separate coop on the other side of the barn. Two flocks that couldn't be any different if they tried! Fun Stuff.
  5. Mezleona
    No to the skin on the head, as I mention before I do give her a trim and it helps a lot.
    Yes, to reaching that 4 or 5 fence. You need to have ckns in a minimum of 2. They are animals of flock
    and very social. If threaten yeah they jump! My polish jumps about 4.5, when she is bored in the small cage I keep them in my garage, or when she wants to Inspect the garage. The other 2 do not do that.
    She is very curious, an independent, she will be by herself outside. On the other side of the story my Cochin is a chicken! The moment she is alone, she wipes up a storm !!
  6. PoultryAddict 1
    aww lucky you.
    I've always wanted these birds, however I fear within the hour their beautiful creasts would be ripped off by my mean old bantam girls.
  7. Hybridchucks
    Poor things are blind as bats!
    The "hairdo" feathers are actually attached to another layer of skin on the head, right?
  8. rdcowman
    Question, i got a exotic chick and it was a white crested black polish! I know nothing about these birds! Our fence is around 4 to 5 feet tall! Can they fly over that?? There's only one! Can you help me?
  9. Mezleona
    I give my girl polish hair cuts! And it helps her a lot visually
  10. Minnowey
    You should try banding up their topknots. Mine are only a few days old, but it is supposed to make them less flighty and more aware of their surroundings, especially if you've got predators in the area.

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