Porcelain d'Uccle Bantam

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    The Porcelain d'Uccle Bantam is realated to the Millle Fleur d'Uccle Bantam and the Belgain d'Uccle Bantam. It was introduced in the U.S in 1965, though its popularity is very small. The Porcelain d'Uccle is a true bantam breed. They have full beards and feathered feet. They are not a cold hardy breed and do better in free ranging situations. This breed is broody and makes a great mom for hatching eggs. This breed is very docile and have great personalities, they also are a great show bird and have known to make 1st prize.
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  1. millermcnutt
    "Porcelein d'Uccle Rooster"
    Pros - Tiny, Beautiful, Fun to watch
    Great protector over my larger Heritage Hens
    Cons - Highly aggressive
    My little "Odd Thomas" is beautiful. I've raised him since birth and he can certainly hold his own! He watches over his (Heritage) Hens, warns of danger, calls them to eat, herds them back into the coop at night. His little crow is tiny and weak, like he's in training to be a real rooster when he grows up. When I enter the coop, he goes into ATTACK MODE and jumps on my back then starts to peck my head. Thankfully he is just a little thing, so no damage done. I love my little fella!! <3
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  2. GldnValleyHens
    "One of my favorites"
    Pros - Gorgeous, docile, petite, easy on the feed bill
    Cons - Males are aggressive
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    March 2017
  3. Venevee
    "Personal favorite breed"
    Pros - Easy to take care of, Beautiful, Docile, Broody
    Cons - Small eggs
    I breed and raise d'Uccles, and have had porcelains for about 3 years now. They are very beautiful and can be docile. My rooster isn't aggressive, he usually minds his own business and has never bitten or attacked anyone. They are not super cuddly birds, but this cannot be said for all of them. My mille fleur hens are super sweet and don't mind me handling them. They make great show chickens, don't eat a lot, and are very beautiful.
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  1. Jamie Molihan
    I guess I have one. I got a Silkie chick from Tractor Supply, the more I researched the Silkie breed the more I thought that there was no way this was a Silkie. Maybe it’s a parakeet I thought, maybe it’s dwarf of something else...I finally posted on here a picture of her and low and behold I was told that she is a d uncle bantam. I know nothing about these birds. To the internet I go.
  2. Then I Will
    I'm new to these. Fell in love with them at a show. But I can't seem to find enough info on them. Are they APA recognized yet? Hatchery said they did poorly in heat, and this article says they do poorly in cold...
  3. millermcnutt
    My little d'Uccle cockerel has nails on his "thumb" and 2 of his "fingers" but the "pinky finger" on BOTH feet DO NOT have nails.....is this normal??
  4. MartinsPoultry
    Love love love my two girls. Very sweet and know their names. Have yet to see eggs from them due to their young age. But for a TSC buy both are almost 100% perfect of the breed minus the beard.
  5. CherriesBrood
    Thanks you two.
  6. Alexandra33
    Love your sweet baby, Cherry! Great review! :)
  7. BantyChooks

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