Poultry Conditioner 5 lbs.

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  • A complete supplement to boost birds' diets for performance and exhibition; supports brilliant, high quality plumage. Outstanding ingredients included are Calf Manna, Flaxseed meal, Chelated trace minerals, Yucca, Kelp, Anise flavor and comprehensive mineral/vitamin nutrition as well as many other digestive aids. Convenient size package for all bird owners who want to improve regular feed to produce maximum superior condition for their birds.

    Feeding Directions: Should be fed as a supplement with other feed or scratch grains. Poultry Conditioner can be mixed into the feed or fed daily to birds. Add Poultry Conditioner in with your current feed at a rate of 25% of the mix. Can be added to scratch at a rate of 50% of the mix.
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  1. kkowa
    "good product"
    Pros - helps restore feathers and shin keeps legs in nice shape alaround good product
    Cons - does not have doseage scoop
    i have had very good luck with this product and say anyone that shows poultry should invest in some
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