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  • Less expensive than cheap imported wood coops, extremely durable and tough
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  1. The Yakima Kid
    "Extreme Value for the Money"
    Pros - Built of durable agricultural coroplast, pretty raccoon resistant when closed and latched
    Cons - Must build a run for it, ramp too steep
    This small, lightweight chicken house will accommodate three large dual purpose hens. I was impressed a how it stood up to the winds here in my East SF Bay area home. I brought it inside, installed an Eco-Clow brooder and used it to brood chicks. The coroplast serves as insulation in cold weather.

    The drawbacks are that the ram is steep - I propped the end of the ramp on two stacked inexpensive stepping stones to solve the problem. To keep dogs and larger animals from knocking it over, I suggest building a run completely encircling it, with a anti-dig apron. Since the cheap wood coops require building an apron to keep diggers out, this isn't as big a drawback as one would think.

    For the money, it is the best deal around. It has held up to the UV, and it fits three adult standard breed dual purpose hens.

    Unlike the cheap wood coops, it is made in the US by American workers working in safe conditions.
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  1. The Yakima Kid
    I also forgot to mention you can clip a heat lamp with a shield to the roost in winter, and it is easy to clean - just shake it out and spray in. The roof lifts up to make cleaning easy.
  2. The Yakima Kid
    It is also extremely easy to assemble. Shipping is included in the price.

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