Poultry Protector Spray 16 oz.

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  • Poultry Protector Spray is for use on birds, on their bedding and surrounding grounds. Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressful and aggressive, allowing them to do what they do best; Increase egg production and Gain body weight. The elimination of parasites and insects will help to also decrease mortality rates in young birds.

    Increases Egg Production, Increases Body Weight and Takes Away Stress. 16 fl. oz. Ready to use, Great for 12 or fewer birds.

    IPS-CareFree Enzymes is the only manufacturer of natural enzymes that are free of bacteria. CareFree Enzyme products are 100% environmentally friendly. Currently, there isn't anything as strong and as safe on the market as IPS-CareFree Enzymes Poultry Products.
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  1. Wyandottes7
    "Safe and sometimes a good preventative, but..."
    Pros - Safe for birds, easy to apply
    Cons - Doesn't really treat mite infestations in my experience
    I've tried this product several times, and still use it. It is very safe for use on chickens, compared to Sevin or poultry dust. But, I haven't found it to be all that effective at actually treating mite infestations. I would spray birds repeatedly and clean the environment, and the mites just wouldn't go away. It doesn't work nearly as well as Sevin dust or Frontline spray as a mite controller.

    Though it hasn't actually treated the birds very well, I do use it as a preventative measure. I spray down roosts and other supplies like cages regularly with it. I can't really tell whether it is really helping or not with this, either.

    Another problem I have with it is that it is rather expensive. You use a lot if it when spraying the birds or the coop.

    In summary, if you have a mite infestation, this product may not work well for you. If you are just using it as a preventative, it might help, but not neccesarily.
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  2. groundpecker
    "great product works very well, price is too high"
    Pros - works great
    Cons - Price is too high
    I used this product to keep fleas and big nats off my chickens during late fall last year.The product worked very well. It also had a side effect of keeping mosquitos away too. My birds did not care to be lightly sprayed and it did not make them sick. The only downfall is the price is way too high. I will look for more cost effective pest control products next spring.
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  1. 6LittleHens
    Works great

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