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  1. K_Elise
    "Chicks love it!"
    Pros - Keeps chicks warm and happy! Works for different breeds of chickens. Easy to set up and use. Won't burn your hands when you need to adjust the legs. I adjust with it on.
    Cons - Was not sure how high or low to put it.
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    $70 with next day shipping
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  2. OldChurchEggery1
    "Easy to clean, Easy to install"
    Pros - Easy installation, Easy cleaning, Clean Eggs, Tidy appearance
    Cons - Not large enough for really large fowl
    I have three of these nest boxes and have given two as gifts. My Swedish Flower Hens, Easter Eggers, and Legbars really like these. My Swedes and Easter Eggers like them so much, they were fighting over who got to use the box so I installed a second one in that run. They do try to fit two at a time in there when I first let them out of the coop into the run where the boxes are hung. Inside their coop they have four spacious wooden nest boxes but they still want to wait to use the bucket nest box. If they break an egg jockeying for position in there, it's easy to clean the bucket: just rotate the opening 180% so that the perch is upside down and you can clean them out easily enough. If there's a bigger mess, it is not difficult to remove the bucket lid and do a clean sweep with a sponge or rinse them out in place. I bought the kits (bucket, mounting hardware, and perch) so I cannot speak to the ease of lid removal if you supplied your own bucket.

    I do have mine set pretty high off of the ground, but even when I had a ramp going up to one my Jersey Giants and Wheaten Marans would not use them. They're just too big a bodied bird to fit inside. If you have Exhibition-type Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Brahmas, or any of the other larger Large Fowl I doubt these would work for you.
  3. twisted-acres-farm
    "Most certainly does NOT work for LF Light Brahma's"
    Pros - Loved the idea of it , east to assemble
    Cons - hard to install with a gun type cordless drill. Don't beleive them when they claim works for large fowl.
    I am now the proud owner of 6 fowl stuff nest boxes that none of my hens can get into. Tried putting one in the box and she fit barely but could not turn around in the box and she ended up backing back out of the box. Not sure if I can modify the fronts to fit something else or not. Would NOT buy again, Based on this next box assuming that the one they market for bantams might work for a pigeon. Great idea BAD BAD BAD BAD for real chickens.
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  1. OldChurchEggery1
    Oh, I forgot to add a few sentences about the two I gave as gifts. I have them to my parents (who keep a mixed flock) to install on the outside of their chicken coop. The birds they already had never really took to using the buckets, but once those older hens bit the dust, the replacement pullets got right into the habit of using the buckets, which is easier on my dad's back and knees since he doesn't have to bend over as far to collect eggs. Neither of us has found a snake inside the bucket boxes, either! We have lots of black snakes out here in Virginia and nothing gives you the heebie jeebies like reaching into a dark nestbox and grabbing something smooth and scaly instead of an egg!
  2. Granny Hatchet
    lol, thank you for saving me the trouble
  3. knjinnm
    Well, like most plastic buckets, removing lids is a two hand operation. Of course one could put a one by four in the bottom/end of the bucket then screw it to a 2X4 brace to secure the bucket in order to withstand removing the lid/perch.
    There should be a more inexpensive way to build a nest box .... just my opinion.
  4. Chantecler7
    Why would you need to remove it from its' mounted location to clean it? Just remove the cover to do that - if you need to. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.

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