Premier Blenheim Poultry Feeder w/Grill - 13 Lb.

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    13 lb. capacity. For backyard flocks. Suitable for chickens and smaller waterfowl. Finned base and outer ring prevents flicking feed out, thus reducing waste and mess. Supplied with 4 push-fit legs to elevate the feeder. May also be hung. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (with optional rain hat). Optional rain hat (Item 540033) is also available on Amazon. Measures 14.75" height. Pan diameter measures 12.5". Pan depth is 3". Suited for adults. Number fed: 46. Ships from IA, USA.
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  1. Yorkshire Coop
    "Good, sturdy feeder."
    Pros - Keeps feed dry, easy clean. Off the floor.
    Cons - Little low, would be better with longer legs.
    I've found this feeder to be most useful for the wet weather we have over here in England. Keeps the food dry and the legs keep the it off the floor too. An ideal amount of food can be kept in these for my two flocks of polish. It all comes apart very well for easy cleaning. Easy to fill by removing the hood to the feeder.
    Over all I'm very pleased with these feeders and would recommend them. They also make great seats to sit on while watching the birds!!
  2. N F C
    "Best Feeder I've Had"
    Pros - Almost zero waste
    Cons - Sits low for my DP hens
    I first saw this feeder in a hatchery catalog but when I tried to order from them, they were sold out. I finally found one online through Fleming Outdoors and it was $7 less than the hatchery's price. A hat to cover the feeder is available for another $10 but since the feeder comes with a top and we have a covered run, I didn't order the hat.

    I love this feeder! We've tried several store-bought and home-made feeders trying to keep our chickens from wasting feed with limited results. This one really cuts down on waste, very little feed ends up on the ground. It has a "grill" around the bottom that the feed is funneled to, that prevents the chickens from flicking the feed out. The feed is funneled into the grill because the bottom of the feeder has a built in cone shape so as the birds eat out of the grill, and the cone gravity feeds more food down into the grilled area.

    The feeder comes with detachable legs for raising it up but even with the legs attached, the feeder still sat too low for our adult dual-purpose chickens. With the legs attached, I had to elevate the feeder on top of bricks to make it high enough for them. That was an easy enough fix so this was barely a "con". The feeder can also be hung and we may eventually go with this option.

    It holds 13 pounds of feed and that works well in the run for our 12 chickens. It's not so small that I have to fill it every day but not so large the feed gets moldy in our humid weather before the chickens can eat it. Because it's made of a sturdy plastic, it's light enough I can handle it and it is easy to clean.

    I like this feeder so much, I'm going to get a 2nd one to replace another one of our old wasteful feeders.
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  3. ChickenGrass
    "It's a good strong feeder"
    Pros - Keeps feed dry,strong and study
    Cons - It's a small bit low for the hens but they manage,only holds 6kg/13lb
    I have this feeder
    And I find there are very strong and sturdy
    They keep the feed dry.It is a bit low
    for the hens head
    But the manage it
    I would recommend this
    Product to anyone who wants an outdoor

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  1. ChickenGrass
    No problem northFLChick
  2. N F C
    Glad to see your review. I posted a question about these feeders just a few days ago.

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