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The Producer's Pride Defender Chicken Coop features a solid wood construction and steel powder-coated frame.

  • 10 ft. x 10 ft. run with strong steel mesh roof for protection
  • Recommended for 12 chickens
  • 5 nesting boxes and 4 large capacity roosting bars
  • Covered feeding area
  • Secure storage area
  • Multi access doors for easy maintenance
  • Plastic surface tray for easy clean out

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Pros: Heavy duty run framing
Cons: Small coop, high cost
I've been using this set up for about the past 16 months. Didn't really want a store-bought coop, but being pressed for time, this was the best option open to us.

The run is made well and I like how tall it is. The run gate can be opened from outside or inside which is nice. We did cover the entire run with bird netting as small wild birds were able to get in and were eating the chicken feed.

Typical of other pre-built coops, this one is much too small for the number of chickens the maker states. I only have 5 dual-purpose chickens using this coop and would definitely not recommend any more than that (3-4 birds would be better).

Now that the coop has been set up for a while, some settling has occurred and a couple of the latched openings are a bit difficult to open.

For the cost, we could have built a custom coop that would have been better but sometimes you do what you have to do.
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I can tell you from experience that this is a well-made coop/run! That being said, your ground needs to be level! I have 6 RIRs in mine, and they seem to be very happy. We named ours "Fort Cluck".
I have a couple of questions.
- Does anyone know of there's an extension option for the run using the same fencing??
- anyone who has this use anything I'm particular for the trays under the roosting bars?? They are plastic and wanting to use something (shavings or newspaper) to avoid slipping on them.

I can tell you from experience that this is a well-made coop/run! That being said, your ground needs to be level! I have 6 RIRs in mine, and they seem to be very happy. We named ours "Fort Cluck".
Do you line the trays under the nesting nars with anything??
Arrived fine, easy to set up with more than one person. Waterproofed the wood. An issue we have are the doors leaking. The gap around the side doors is substantial and rain driven against the doors leak in and pools up under the trays and in the bedding. The gap is uneven so the seal i installed on the doors only goes part way. Floor of the storage area rotted. Termites then ate into the wet wood. Make sure you put plastic down to keep wet earth off the bottom of the wood and coop. Rainwater runs down the front than under the coop making the shelter under it wet. Rainwater off the roof beats down in front of the storage doors. Best to place the whole coop on raised earth.
Trying to find a roof and covers for the sides!! The gaps created by the clamps adds inches to the width. A standard 10x10 will not cover it. Box store plastic sheeting degrades in a half a year than the plastic breaks and rips. A fitted cover for the top which extends part way over the roof of the coop would be nice. Roosts are narrow with sharp edges. Sanded and rounded them. I attached latches to all the doors and lock with carabiners for added security. Other than the leaking issues we have had good luck with the coop and enclosure. We dont have to worry about hawks or dogs. Its neat appearance makes having chickens more pleasant for ourselves and neighbors.

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