Production Reds

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    Not broody
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    Cold tolerant
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    Pretty docile
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    Large fowl
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    The Production Red is a hybrid chicken bred primarily from the Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire (so it definitely has a lot of RIR, and some of them might actually be pure RIR, just not up to RIR standards). I think it's big enough to be a decent-sized meat bird, but was primarily bred to be very good layers of lots of brown eggs. They're not really super heat tolerant, but are fine in the cooler months Production Reds are a medium, fairly pure red, with the exception of a possible smaller black marking on their tail feathers (like RIRs have). They'd be great for people wanting lots of nice brown eggs and friendly birds.
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    Production Red hen
    IMG_7583 (2) (900x675).jpg
    PR pullet.
    037 (2) (675x900).jpg
    PR chick.
    PR eggs.
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  1. Better Than Rubies
    "Simple but great breed"
    Pros - SO super friendly, and pretty docile
    VERY good layer (5 - 7 eggs a week)
    Pretty tolerant of some things
    Not that loud
    Occasional double yolkers from her
    Fairly early maturing
    Cons - When not double yolkers, her common egg size is somewhat small
    Not THEE calmest bird around
    Low in the pecking order
    My Production Red, Emma, is a fairly chill girl. She started laying at an earlier age...may've been my first layer (at roughly nineteen-weeks old).
    She usually gives me smaller or medium sized eggs most days, but periodically has been giving me large double yolkers! :D
    She's not the lowest on the pecking order (my EE is), but is low on it.
    Overall, they're simple but very nice birds...and good pets.
    Emma's eggs; the two on the left are her occasional double yolkers, and the two on the right are her more common small eggs.
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  2. snow5164
    "Some information about production reds"
    Pros - Great pictures
    Cons - Misinformation in this article
    Nice pictures but this article is written by someone who I think just got these birds . To say they are good for meat “ I think “ is totally wrong , when a production red is done laying it is skin and bones and giving all they have to lay that egg .
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  3. ronott1
    "Nice Article"
    Helpful information
    Better Than Rubies likes this.

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  1. snow5164
    Egg size is extra large to jumbo by weight. These are not dual purpose , they have no meat on them by 18 months.

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