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Production Reds

Average User Rating:
  1. Better Than Rubies
    "Simple but great breed"
    Pros - SO super friendly, and pretty docile
    VERY good layer (5 - 7 eggs a week)
    Pretty tolerant of some things
    Not that loud
    Occasional double yolkers from her
    Fairly early maturing
    Cons - When not double yolkers, her common egg size is somewhat small
    Not THEE calmest bird around
    Low in the pecking order
    My Production Red, Emma, is a fairly chill girl. She started laying at an earlier age...may've been my first layer (at roughly nineteen-weeks old).
    She usually gives me smaller or medium sized eggs most days, but periodically has been giving me large double yolkers! :D
    She's not the lowest on the pecking order (my EE is), but is low on it.
    Overall, they're simple but very nice birds...and good pets.
    Emma's eggs; the two on the left are her occasional double yolkers, and the two on the right are her more common small eggs.
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  2. snow5164
    "Some information about production reds"
    Pros - Great pictures
    Cons - Misinformation in this article
    Nice pictures but this article is written by someone who I think just got these birds . To say they are good for meat “ I think “ is totally wrong , when a production red is done laying it is skin and bones and giving all they have to lay that egg .
  3. ronott1
    "Nice Article"
    Helpful information
    Better Than Rubies likes this.

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