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  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    Aggressive,Friendly,Not bear confinementwell,Flighty,Easily handled
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    ranges from slighty lighter than RIR to light red. Single comb and yellow legs. Sun can lighten their red color.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Developed by cross breeding a Rhode Island Red and a New hampshire Red. They were also at one time breed with white leghorn in them. They are a dual purpose breed and mostly used for their excellent egg production, 300+. In the 1950s the Production Reds just about put the purebred Rhode Island Red into extinction.
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  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Comb: Single
    Broodiness: Average
    Climate Tolerance: Heat

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size: Large
    Egg Color: Brown

    Breed Temperament:
    Aggressive,Friendly,Not bear confinementwell,Flighty,Easily handled

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    ranges from slighty lighter than RIR to light red. Single comb and yellow legs. Sun can lighten their red color.
    Breed Details:
    Their feathers can be brittle and don't do well in extremly cold temps. They can be aggressive but mine are very sweet. Some say they do not due well in cage confinement.I have mine in a run with other hens and they do very well. They lay a brown egg starting around 4-6 months. If you want alot of eggs, production reds are the chicken for you! I am not sure how broody they get since mine are young. The RIR seldom goes broody and the NR is an excellent mother so i would guess you have a 50/50 chance on getting a good mother, lol. Some hatcheries also call them red star's. Production reds can be used to make red and black sex links. Almost every RIR bought at a feed store is usually a production red or red sex link. I learned this by funally purchasing a RIR from a breeder. Their colors are very different. Hens weigh 5.5lbs and males 6.5lbs






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Recent User Reviews

  1. dpetzen
    "Wonderful birds"
    Pros - Easy to handle, relatively quiet, fantastic personalities, 300+ eggs a year
    Cons - Short life span, prone to severe illnesses because of extreme breeding
    I've had 12 (9 still alive) of these incredible birds. They are all rescue birds, so I've only known them from when they were 18 months old, but they are amazing birds. Fairly quiet, very active and completely hilarious; they give me so much joy. They just seem to love life.
    I normally wait a few weeks before I named them, as their personalities needs to develop after they get out of the factory, but when they do, then their names are obvious ;-)
    That said, the extreme breeding, which in my experience eventually ruins their internal organs and they seem to be prone to gastroenteritis. I've lost at least 2 of my darlings this way.
    Purchase Price:
    Normally around $2
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  2. ChickaMama49
    Pros - Good egg production
    Cons - Aggressive
    I had 3 and one was super agresssive and had an eventful ending because she attacked my dog. They were all hand raised and in a flock of 4 along with a barred rock who was super sweet. The other two production reds were aggressive also and never friendly after reaching maturity. Would never own again.
  3. Mary's Backyard Chickens
    Pros - They lay good, friendly to me + other chickens, their cute.
    Cons - UMMMM.... NONE.
    I love them. They lay every day and are friendly toward me and the other chickens. Their not noisy.

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  1. Circle W Farms
    Love them. They are great producers and very easily handled.
  2. VistaSRJ
    I have a feeling if you used the Hogan test on her you would find her pelvic bones curve in and make it almost impossible- and painful- for her to lay. This would explain the squealing and length of time it takes to lay her eggs.
  3. kyle5
    I have 5 of them.
    lay eggs every day. Friendly.
    quiet. Neighbors laugh because they didn't know I have chickens for months, until I told them. Enough eggs to give away.
  4. Zimbabwefarmer
    Yeah you cannot go wrong here - commercial layers - I have 6 which have provided my family with half a dozen eggs every day since we got them as point-of lay pullets. Now and then, one gets a bit sick but we just bring her indoors for a few days till she picks up and hey presto... the egg laying continues...
  5. ErniesFlock
    Indeed, all 4 of mine look similar but def are different upon close inspection.
  6. SunnyCO
    I have 2 RR, 1 Buff and 1 Barred Rock. The Buff went broody on my after laying very well for a 1.5 months and the Barred Rock, at 9 months old, still hasn't laid one egg. But the two little RR's do a great job! I average about 10 XL brown eggs a week from the two of them. Even now as the days are getting shorter and colder, there are still 2 eggs in the coop on most days. They're friendly and will coming running to eat treats out of my hand when I call them and they tolerate my over attentive dog very well, so I give them 2 thumbs up and a handful of meal worms!
  7. girlybirds
    Great thread, I got my first flock a couple of months ago! I live in the a city just out of Boston,ma and can only have 6. 2 PRIR, 2 NHR, and 2 white?'s! One of the PR's was
    bullying the others, pecking till they bled. I put her in another crate and after 3 days put
    her back, no luck! So I took her out again and put her in another coop where she could
    see the others, kept her in there for 2 weeks trimmed her beak a tiny bit and put her back
    Everyone is good now! She is a pretty girl and so friendly now! She also likes to stay out
    late and my largest white chicken with greenish legs, makes her go in, waits at the door for
    her if she does not come in, the white one goes back down and tries to coax her in, this goes on every night at 8:25 and is the funniest thing to watch!
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    1. Bek
      How do you trim a beak? And when would you resort to this approach? ...asking for a friend
      Bek, Aug 29, 2017
  8. TheEggCollecter
    Just got a couple of these guys, I am loving them!
  9. JFreeman
    They aren't a bad breed for a starter, that's for surer. I liked them, and they definitely have personalities of their own.
  10. One Chick Two
    LOL The photo of your daughter hugging the chicken- that is one tolerant chicken! So cute and funny. An excellent evaluation of the PRIR!

    We have 80 PRIR also, and we think this RIR hybrid is kind of underrated somewhat... they are definitely high energy, rambunctious, strong minded, and can be bullies, but they can also be very sweet, cuddly, smart, pretty-- many of our roos are my favorite chickens in the flock.

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