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Average User Rating:
  1. crazy rooster34
    "Ok breed"
    Pros - Good egg laying, pretty
    Cons - Can be mean to other chickens, have trouble laying, skittish, not the most people friendly
    My prod. red has trouble laying every morning, she will squat and sequel like theres no tomorrow it takes her about 25 to 30 minutes to lay once she sits down, Normally for my GSL they have no trouble laying. She also hates being touched and is very skittish, she even bit my poor GSL comb off, i would only recommend for experienced flock owners who only wants eggs
  2. alexa009
    "Best egg-layer."
    Pros - Sweet, tame and docile.
    Cons - Bossy and aggresive
    My production red is sweet, docile and loves being held, she comes when you call her and not to mention one of the best egg-layers! I have never seen a chicken lay such big eggs! The only problem is, she can get very aggressive with the other hens and will hurt them if they even go near the feeder. She pecks them when they try to share the nesting box with her. I still love her though and would get another one just like her!
  3. dgibson0604
    Pros - Great layers, Nice, and good looking
    Cons - i have none
    i got one at auction with a RIR and she has layed since the day i got her.
  4. kueblercoop
    "love this one most"
    Pros - great producer
    Cons - too social at times
    I have two production reds. They began to lay right at 4 months and almost always give me an egg each a day. They have been handled a lot between me and my kids and are our friendliest chickens. Almost too friendly. If I let them out of the run they will peck at me till I feed them or hold them. My kids love them because they always approach us and they can pick them up without a chicken chase. They are loud layers, but I share eggs with my neighbors occasionally to buffer the noise burden.
  5. CarolinesChicks
    "Loud, good layers"
    Pros - Early and constant Layers
    Cons - Loud, a little mean
    I have 3 production reds. They started laying at 4 months, while my other chickens didn't begin until 6 months or later. They are all loud and will not allow you to touch them.
  6. newmarch2014
    "Great layers does not play well with others."
    Pros - They lay 6 eggs a week without fail. Hardy in both our hot summers and freezing winters.
    Cons - Bad flockmates.
    My production reds were 1/2 the birds in my very first flock raised from chicks. They tolerate their Buff Orp. flock mates just fine but it took an agonizingly long time for them to let the next years chicks in without trying to kill them, even though one was a Brahma rooster that was as big as them (he was the focus of most of their lethal hate) and I kept them separate but visually accessible for 6 weeks before trying to meld them. Ali runs her coop with an iron beak and will tolerate no disrespect. They were handled a lot as chicks and are neither friendly nor skittish with humans and they tolerate my chicken safe dog really well. They tolerate their health checks fine and Ali had to have double bumblefoot surgery recently, she was calm and accepting through the entire process. They have been strong and healthy birds that are only occasionally loud. They take treats out of our hands gently and readily. I would certainly own more but only if I had 2 coops so they never have to have new mixed breeds blended in with them since they are seriously vicious with interlopers.
  7. Peep-Chicken
    "Nice Layers"
    Pros - Eggs, Blend in with Enviorment
    Cons - Mean
    I have a PR rescue named Bonnie. She is pretty nice to people, but not nice to other chickens. She is maybe 3-4 years old and still laying nicely.
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  8. venymae
    "Great friendly layers, but you never know what..."
    Pros - Great layers of BIG brown eggs- even in winter, can be really friendly, readily available
    Cons - You never quite know what breed mix you're getting, wont breed true
    We have two hens that we bought at the local Tractor Supply Co. at a steep discount because they were getting big. They were advertised as "Production Red Pullets". To me though, they look very much like Red Sex Links. Our experience with these hens has been great! Our two PR's live with 18 Rhode Island Red hens and 3 Rhode Island Red Roosters. All are true free-ranged. Our PR's are SUPER friendly, great foragers, and quite predator wary. They lay HUGE beautiful brown eggs even through winter. We actually got a couple with a double-yolk this December :) They follow us around the yard scratching and eat bugs out of my sons hands, letting him get very close even though he sometimes screams and chases them (we try to prevent that!). We are very pleased with this bird and would try them again.
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  9. Eggmachine11
    "Awesome breeds"
    Pros - Great layers,friendly
    Cons - Aggressive toward other birds
    My 3 production red hens are by far 1 of the best hens on the farm,I will add more info:
    Do really have a Production red?
    A production is a pure brown bird with,occasionly a few white tail feathers,and rarely,a few white specks on the neck,many of you BYC members likely have red sexlinks considering feed stores don't know what they have.

    1 of my hens:
  10. cityfarmer12
    "Awesome Breed"
    Pros - Good layers, not flighty, Hardy, Good foragers, food motivated
    Cons - can be aggressive, hates to be cooped up
    I i have 1 production red who is the only survivor of a devastating raccoon and fox attack. She gives me an egg almost everyday during summer, and even lays some in the winter. She is always the first to greet me and ask for a treat. If i leave her in the coop, she starts yelling at me to let her out. Sometimes she will use her beak to tell me what she wants, but not too often. I would totally recommend this bird to anyone wanting a great layer.

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