PSB70 - 70 Quart DuraFlex Plastic Muck Bucket - Red

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  • Buckets are molded from tough polyethylene resin that is impact resistant and protects against warpage and stress cracks. Features improved handle design for wear and tear. Available in Blue, Red and Green
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  1. CochinBrahmaLover
    "Good sturdy bucket"
    Pros - sturdy, easy to clean, many purposes
    Cons - it IS plastic so it can crack
    I like this bucket very much, its good for hauling things and we use for many different purposes. We use it for gardening most often but will put chicken food it in, its a good bucket that is worth its cost

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  1. perchie.girl
    LOL... she's a Percheron. All 2000 lbs of her.
  2. CochinBrahmaLover
    what type of horse? i luv horses :p
  3. perchie.girl
    I have also used them for a Stool, Mounting Block, Added a tank float valve for water for the goats, Feed bucket ..... I have a BIG horse... LOL. They work very well as a muck bucket too. Drag it behind and scoop. Its not too big to pick up when full.

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