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    An 11" wide, 15" tall, all aluminum construction automatic coop door. It comes fully assembled in an aluminum frame and installation is a snap. This product has the option of manually programming open/close times or operation by a photo sensor (option). The door may be powered by any 12 volt DC power supply, a float charger with a battery (option), or a solar panel with 10 feet of wire and a battery (option). The motor is fully enclosed, so you don't have to worry about dust and grim interfering with its operation.
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  1. Albertan
    "Love this door!"
    Pros - Always works. Reliable.
    Cons - Just changed battery after 2.5 years .
    I would buy it again! Survives Canadian winters.
  2. Clairenh
    "Easy to install, works great"
    Pros - Easy to install, well built, no connection to power needed.
    Cons - Not an issue for us, but if you coop is out in exposed weather I guess ice and snow could freeze to prevent the door opening, but that would happen with any door.
    Shipped fast and it is sturdy and well made. I installed it in about an hour, including reconfiguring the vertical sliding door opening the coop came with. Connecting the battery and solar panel are a breeze. The first night the girls didn't go in on time, I think because they were wary of the new "thing" on their house. I unscrewed the panel and flipped the switch to delay the closing to 30 minutes after sunset, and they have been inside on time since.

    We've had it about two weeks. I'll review again after more time.
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  3. Bhubbard
    "Best purchase yet"
    Pros - Automatic with photo sensor to open at daylight and dark.
    Cons - Nothing
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  1. Gargoyle
    Great company, they really stand behind their product. I've had one for six years, it does slow down a bit at -15° F, and only opened an inch at - 25°F, but that's because the motor was old. Soon as it warmed up again it worked fine. I got a replacement motor from them, not expensive, easy to swap out. That should fix it.
  2. ClareDB
    do they ship to Australia?
  3. fastfrank
    love my
    2.5 years no problems...
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  4. TexasTony
    We are the manufacturers of the Pullet Shut door. I'm not sure that what you describe is the "Pullet Shut" door. Several things you mention simply are not accurate. There is no 'actuator', our motor directly turns the door. If you spent $100, you bought everything that makes it move. There is no 'little daughter' (unless you count a 30-something year old!), and we would never speak that way to someone. Never. We also include written instructions with parts when someone does buy them. And when a customer has a problem, up front we work with them to identify the problem before just selling parts. We've gotten calls before to only find out the person has another door, not ours. If you do have our door, please contact us (phone and email are on our website, chickendoors dot com).
  5. maggiemo
    Wow, I am really surprised to hear anything negative about the pullet-shut door. I have had mine for 4 years and I love mine. I did have to replace the back-up battery this year, but all batteries fail sooner or later. That isn't the companies fault.
    I have two friend with pullet-shut doors too and they both love them.
    I haven't had to contact the company, so can't comment on customer service, sorry you had a bad experience.
    I wouldn't have chickens without a pullet-shut door. I love mine.
    I would buy a new one if this one ever fails and I couldn't fix it. That is how much I love mine.
  6. Trefoil
    Thanks for the review. Its great to hear from someone who has actually tried to use the product for a while. The new out of the box,"it looks great" reviews are worthless.
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  7. twisted-acres-farm
    NOT good customer service as far as I am concerned and what a snarky response. Your rating and story just cost them my business.
  8. Ironsights
    Good information!
  9. RedDrgn
    Yes, we still have and use the door and it's still working. We have only had to do one repair, and that was in early spring of 2014 when the circuit board that controls the doors went out; one of the chips that controls the timing went haywire, and there is no way to repair the chips themselves, so we replaced the control board. It cost $60, they sent us the board very quickly, and we made the swap ourselves, as it was very easy to do. Been running without any further issues ever since and it's active 24/7/365.
  10. canesisters
    Is it still working?
    Have you had to do any repairs?

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