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An 11" wide, 15" tall, all aluminum construction automatic coop door. It comes fully assembled in an aluminum frame and installation is a snap. This product has the option of manually programming open/close times or operation by a photo sensor (option). The door may be powered by any 12 volt DC power supply, a float charger with a battery (option), or a solar panel with 10 feet of wire and a battery (option). The motor is fully enclosed, so you don't have to worry about dust and grim interfering with its operation.

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Pros: Set it and forget it, no maintenance, weather proof
Cons: None that I can think of
We've had this product on our coop for 3.5 years and it has worked like a charm.
Pros: Photo sensor. Low maintenance.

Worth it and reliable. I set mine to open an hour after daylight and an hour after sunset.
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Pros: One less job do.
Cons: have to wait for customs if importing
I could not find this type of door in the UK so I imported this one. It makes life so much easier being one less job to do & the sellers are so helpful. I had to wait quite a time before it cleared customs and the £50.00 (not sure what that is in $) import charges was a shock but still worth it. I highly recommend this product and the support that you get from the manufacturers
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April 2019


I've had one for a year, it's great. Only problem was some sticking and poor operation when they temps got below 10 degrees F. However, the company really stands behind it, they tweaked the circuit board and sent me a replacement board designed to respond better to extreme cold.
I love it sooooo much that I will buy a second one for my new coop.
Or... were you asking about the price? $245 with the options I chose ( photo sensor and solar charger.)
what do you do if your birds prefer to sit on top of the coop
at night instead of going inside?

I have to go out and round them all up and make them go
inside the coop....

I sometimes end up chasing them all over the place...

will they eventually just go in on their own?
I'm sorry to hear about your chicken chasing troubles. Maybe you can try bribing them with their favorite food. When it is time for bed just throw a handful into the coop and hopefully they will follow. Mine go crazy for dried meal worms.
it's getting easier and easier to get
them in at night... I do throw all kinds
of goodies in for them.. to keep them
busy and get them to go inside...

hopefully, at some point, they will do
this on their own and I can use an
automatic door... THAT would be
very awesome...

I bought one a few months ago and it is GREAT!!!! I am enjoying sleeping in a little later and not having to go out in the cold to close the door in the evening. Only one morning it didn't open when we had a bad freeze. Super easy to install. It is expensive but in my book....worth every penny.
Does it open on the slightly darker cloudy days? My chickens are dumb enough to walk around in the rain, and I don't want it letting them out and risking my flock getting chilled.
Yes it opens at first light even when foggy or cloudy. Rain won't hurt your chickens and they will learn to look for shelter.
I am very happy with my pullet-shut chicken door. I work nights and it's so nice to not have to hurry home from work to open the chicken door. Also I don't have to worry about being home every night before dark. This door works well and to me was worth every penny. It was very easy to install, and the youtube video was very helpful since I'm better at watching then following instructions.
Update February 2015: Still working flawlessly despite the solar panel being covered by snow. I estimate 3 inches of icy snow cover the panel now and it's still charging enough to open and close the door. I did clear the panel several days after we got 2 feet dropped on us, had 3 foot drifts on the coop roof. May evaluate in the Spring if I should pole mount the panel. LOVE this thing. Used the magnet yesterday (blizzard winds) and today (negative wind chills) to shut the girls in with their Kale and homemade flock block. Recommend.
I was wondering were you live? I worry about icing up in winter, I have a slide up and the door is inside the coop
Update 3/27/2015: Still have it, still works! Would buy this again in a heartbeat :)
I bought one of these doors over 3 years ago when I first built my coop. The door is the BEST!!!!!! The chickens learn the timing of the door very fast. And the chickens are inside the roost long before the door shuts. The only thing to be mindful of is that when storms blow in and suddenly darken the skies for a long period, it will fool the photo sensor and begin to shut the chickens out, even though it isn't time. So you'll have to use your magnet to open and reset the door.

Also, I've had a few of the components go out on me (normal wear and tear, and dust), and the company has been very helpful in trouble shooting the problem, sending me replacement parts (at my cost), and being able to get my door operating again. I'd recommend this door again and again. It saves so much worry and hassle since my schedule is never on the chickens schedule. Definitely worth the cost!!!!!
Just ordered one today...researched several...so glad to hear you love it...can't wait to get it..didn't get the photo cell...thanks
@terribob, if you didn't get the photocell, how will you open and shut it? I think that is the best part, that I don't have to be here to close them in, or be out there in the early morning to manually let them out.
Hey...You can program the door to open at a certain time in the morning and close at whatever time you would like...it can be changed to whatever time you want also....I'm sure the photo cell feature is good also...take care and good luck

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