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  1. Garden4Life
    Pros - Easy to install, easy to program
    Cons - none so far
    I have had this door installed for two years now and have had ZERO problems. I was honestly super worried about ordering one because it isn't a big company and I wasn't sure how long it would last or if they would stand by their product if it broke. It has worked without fail for coming up on two years. I had a problem once with programing it and I called the company and they walked me through it on the phone right away. It was user error but they were super nice about it and took the time to walk me through it. The peace of mind that this door has given me is priceless. When I first installed it, I was very worried that it wouldn't work one day and I would come out and find all my girls dead from a predator getting into the coop. I would go outside with a flashlight every night for a month to make sure that door closed! I still check from time to time because it is mechanical and nothing mechanical is 100% fail safe but I rest easy and don't have to walk to the coop every night or morning to let the girls in or out. So worth it!
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  2. KBMonroe
    "Flawless and easy installation"
    Pros - Quick learning by hens to know when to go in, battery operated with solar panel makes for ease of mind even if electricity goes out, photo sensor is exceptional, very easy to install.
    Cons - A lot of space is needed on front of coop due to motor.
    It took 2 nights for my girls to learn when to go into coop. After 2 nights of getting locked out(with me checking and letting them in) they got the hang of it. Now they don't miss bedtime. Many options that are great to have and it is extremely easy to install. My opinion is it is the best quality for the money compared to other doors.
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  3. canesisters
    "Started our GREAT!!!"
    Pros - worked flawlessly for 2 years
    Cons - can not be repaird - too expensive to replace
    I bought one of these as my first flock was growing up. It was a breeze to install. It worked flawlessly for two years. Then it stopped.
    I called the company and was told that there are only 2 things that can be fixed and that they STRONGLY recommend I get both "If one fixes it, you're good and you have a spare for when the other breaks... But you're probably going to need both." I did. After 3 afternoons of sitting on a milk crate and fiddling with it - it became clear that the problem was the connector on the end of the replacement wire between the motor and the 'actuator'. I called them back. "Nope" they can not take the defective part back, but I'm welcome to buy another. And - "Nope" they will not guarantee that the 2nd replacement part will either work properly OR fix the problem.
    When I asked if I was maybe doing something wrong I was told 'Well, my little daughter can follow the instructions so I guess you should be able to."
    Two more afternoons on the milk crate and a PILE of hot glue later and I got the door working.
    .... for about 40 days.

    Since I have replaced both of the 'only parts that can be replaced' - at a cost of just over $100...
    And since I do not want to continue to re-purchase the same parts over and over hoping one of them will work...
    I am left with one of two solutions - replace the entire door (every 2 years???) or simply open up the big 'people' door every morning and evening - which leaves my flock exposed for about an hour before dawn and after sunset.

    I know that NOTHING lasts forever.
    I didn't expect to purchase on door and be set for my entire chicken raising career.
    But I expected that it would outlive the first chickens to use it.
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  4. Nksg75
    "Awesome door even after 5years!!!"
    Pros - This has saved me so much worry!!
    It is still working, and I love it.
    Great company, easy to work with, and if I ever needed another one, I would buy the exact same one!!
    Cons - None
    I love this door. I have the solar powered door without the light sensor.
    It was a basic model they sold years ago, and I believe they still do.
    I bought it about 4 years ago, and have it at our bayhouse(lots of salty air that usually corrodes anything and everything)
    It has been through tropical storms, and even 2 hurricanes, and the thing is still doing great!!
    This door has saved so much worry and heartache.
    The one thing I would suggest to anyone buying this is make sure you reset open/closing times when the time changes. I made that mistake a few years ago, and will never forget again.
    (Lost a couple gals) this was on me alone, nothing to do with the company!
    Anyway, I love this door, and recommend it to all!!
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  5. wren
    "Good door great customer service!"
    I want to give a big thumbs up for the pullet-shut chicken door company. I’ve had my door for 4 years and it works great. I had to disconnect it for a bit bc of a neighbors dog. When I plugged it back in I mistakenly connected the cold wire to the hot. Big mistake on my part! When I called pullet-shut and told them what happened they were still willing to honor the warranty and had my information right at their fingertips. No probing questions, no I’m sorry but we can’t, no phone transfers, just friendly, knowledgeable and patient help. They new exactly what to do. They walked me through opening the circuit board and removing it. The best news is that it will cost less than $40 to fix it. I’m tickled pink. I thought I would need new everything but the actual door. They also have new products...I went ahead and bought a photo sensor so I don’t have to program the door when to open and close. Lol I’m not related to them, don’t work there and I received nothing for this review. Just a good door and wonderful customer service.
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  6. MolliesDollies
    "1 year and still awesome!"
    Pros - Opens to the side so less chance for guillotine effect and dirt to muck mechanism
    Reopens for late comers
    Solar panel/ac adapter optional
    Door is all one piece, you only have to cut the appropriate size hole to install
    Cons - Its a pain to reset the timer during changing daylight unless you have the optional light sensor
    Needs space to open outward
    Needs space for battery and any attached accessories (solar panel/light sensor)
    After one year of use I still love my Pullet-Shut door. It is difficult to figure out the timer at first, and a pain to reset it during season changes. Other than that, it is a work horse that never lets me down! Consistent, heavy duty performer!
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  7. akovia
    "Six years and going strong!"
    Pros - Reliability. Build quality
    We have three and they perform flawlessly. Worth every penny.
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  8. mainechicklet
    "Why did I wait so long for this? Love it!"
    Cons - none
    I installed this door in both my coops last month. I love them!! In the summer, when the sun rises at 430, or in the winter when I need time to shovel to them, they have access to their runs without waiting on me. Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous!!
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  9. gringold
    "I love this door."
    Pros - 1. Works as advertised. 2. Let's me leave the chickens in the coop knowing they will get out when the sun rises. 3. Very easy to install
    Cons - 1. Kind of expensive, but no more than many others I looked at 2. Second chance door doesn't stay open long enough
    It has made my life so much easier and I was not loving going out in the rain to let the chickens out. I also leave for work many mornings before the sun is up and come home when it has set in the winter. Now I don't have to worry as much. It also let me go out of town for a few days without having to leave my birds inside the coop the whole time. Another big bonus was how easy it was to install. My carpentry skills are limited and I did it without any help.
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  10. Soapfreak
    "Love my chicken door!"
    Pros - Love not having to get up every morning to let out chickens and hurry home at night to let them in
    Cons - Only thing I wish it did was stay open slightly longer for the procrastinators.
    We like to go out at night for dinner and visit with friends so this door is the answer for so many issues. I don't want to tell my friends, "I'm sorry, I have to hurry home and put my chickens away."
    Makes my life so much easier!
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