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  1. akovia
    "Six years and going strong!"
    Pros - Reliability. Build quality
    We have three and they perform flawlessly. Worth every penny.
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  2. canesisters
    "Started our GREAT!!!"
    Pros - worked flawlessly for 2 years
    Cons - can not be repaird - too expensive to replace
    I bought one of these as my first flock was growing up. It was a breeze to install. It worked flawlessly for two years. Then it stopped.
    I called the company and was told that there are only 2 things that can be fixed and that they STRONGLY recommend I get both "If one fixes it, you're good and you have a spare for when the other breaks... But you're probably going to need both." I did. After 3 afternoons of sitting on a milk crate and fiddling with it - it became clear that the problem was the connector on the end of the replacement wire between the motor and the 'actuator'. I called them back. "Nope" they can not take the defective part back, but I'm welcome to buy another. And - "Nope" they will not guarantee that the 2nd replacement part will either work properly OR fix the problem.
    When I asked if I was maybe doing something wrong I was told 'Well, my little daughter can follow the instructions so I guess you should be able to."
    Two more afternoons on the milk crate and a PILE of hot glue later and I got the door working.
    .... for about 40 days.

    Since I have replaced both of the 'only parts that can be replaced' - at a cost of just over $100...
    And since I do not want to continue to re-purchase the same parts over and over hoping one of them will work...
    I am left with one of two solutions - replace the entire door (every 2 years???) or simply open up the big 'people' door every morning and evening - which leaves my flock exposed for about an hour before dawn and after sunset.

    I know that NOTHING lasts forever.
    I didn't expect to purchase on door and be set for my entire chicken raising career.
    But I expected that it would outlive the first chickens to use it.
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  3. dogwood8
    "pullet shut door"
    cant find one to buy were is the link to buy one
  4. gringold
    "I love this door."
    Pros - 1. Works as advertised. 2. Let's me leave the chickens in the coop knowing they will get out when the sun rises. 3. Very easy to install
    Cons - 1. Kind of expensive, but no more than many others I looked at 2. Second chance door doesn't stay open long enough
    It has made my life so much easier and I was not loving going out in the rain to let the chickens out. I also leave for work many mornings before the sun is up and come home when it has set in the winter. Now I don't have to worry as much. It also let me go out of town for a few days without having to leave my birds inside the coop the whole time. Another big bonus was how easy it was to install. My carpentry skills are limited and I did it without any help.
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  5. Julic
    "Love this door!"
    Pros - Easy to install and program.
    Cons - Only once it did not open during a bad freeze but they didnt want to come out anyway...too cold :)
    I LOVE this door!! Bought it a couple months ago. Get to sleep in later now and the girls still get out on time[​IMG]

    It is dark when I get home from work this time of year and seeing the closed door when I pull in the driveway makes me smile It is expensive but worth every penny in my book!!! So easy to install and program. There is no power at the coop so the solar panel is a great option and has worked with no problems.
  6. Momhunter
    "Love it!!!!"
    Pros - Easy to install and use
    I did alot of research looking at different automatic doors for my chickens. Due to my coyote population around my farm and them hunting later into the mornings in the fall and summer I wanted a door I could program for open times and not just work off of sunrise and sunset. During the winter months I can not let my flock out safely until around 11am vs in the summer they can safely free range after 8:30 am. This door is so easy to change the open and close times with the magnet, just adjust as needed. I purchased the solar panal and have not had any issues with it. Opens and closes daily as I want, no more concerns about not being home at dark to close the chickens up safely. Highly recommend it, really makes leaving my chickens easier, someone only has to check them in the evenings to gather eggs. Well worth the price.
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  7. twar
    "I love my Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door !!!"
    Pros - Easy to install... I no longer have to worry about letting the chickens out or locking them up. Great customer service.
    Cons - nope
    Installing the Pullet-Shut door to my coop was the smartest thing I've done in a long time.

    I'm not exactly what you would call a morning person and on weekends there are days when I didn't let my chickens out till "brunch" time. On weekdays there would be times that I didn't make it home to lock them in until way after dark. Being able to automate letting my chickens out in the morning and not having to worry about safely securing them at night has been a huge help... for them as well as for me. [​IMG]

    I opted for the PhotoSensor so I wouldn't have to reprogram the door when the days get shorter, as well as the solar panel and battery option because the coop is not near an outlet.

    Besides not being a morning person, it would be far fetched to call me a handyman or do-it-yourselfer. Luckily installing this door is idiot proof and requires very few tools... A measuring tape and pencil, a drill with 1/4 bit, a saw, a screwdriver and pliers sufficed nicely. I do always read directions, and suggest you do too. I followed them and in a very short time..... "TA_DAH!!!" the chickens no longer have to wait for me!

    The door is very well built and closes very securely. There is simply no way a coyote is getting in through that door. It's like a chicken vault!

    A few months down the line I noticed that the door was not opening or shutting all the way. I tested the battery and it was fine. I tested the solar panel too just for good measure and it was putting out voltage. I unplugged and repulgged all the connections, but the door was still not working as it should.

    I called the good folks at chickendoors.com. A very nice gentleman ( I wish i could remember his name. Sorry. ) patiently talked me through troubleshooting the problem. He concluded that it must be either the electronics or the motor and quickly sent me out new replacements.

    The parts soon arrived and with a little work I was able to remove the old bits and replace them with the new bits. He also included a prepaid envelope to send the old parts back in.

    The repair did the trick! My chickens are safe once more and now I can sleep in on weekends.

    To sum it up:
    ~ the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door is a great product that does what it is supposed to do very well.
    ~ chickendoors.com is a reputable business with fantastic customer service. They stand behind their product.
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  8. celticgarden
    "Very pleased with this door!"
    Pros - Reliable
    Cons - Drink your caffeine the day you put it in
    I installed the door, photo sensor and solar panel last year. Once I got it set up it has worked flawlessly ever since. The only small problem I had was getting the connections to the battery to hold. Took me a bit to understand I had to crimp the metal connectors to make them hold. The photo sensor can easily be repositioned to place it in more sun (opens earlier, closes later) or more shaded (opens later, closes earlier). When we had bitter weather this past winter I sometimes used the magnet to close the door manually to shut the hens in. No problems there, the door resumes it's cycle the next day, opening in the morning. I did make sure to clear ice and snow off the edges of the door when we had the many feet this past winter. I'm in the process of adding a roof to part of the run, this should cut back on possible problems there. Overall I LOVE the door, it's one of the things that convinced me that keeping chickens would work for me
  9. grammaC
    "Good, Reliable Door"
    Pros - Works in all weather, fairly simple installation
    Cons - Programming is a bit confusing at first
    I've had this door for about 7 months in 90+ heat and -15 cold. It works as advertised and is reliable. The chickens will stand in front of it to get outdoors in the morning. I would recommend a windbreak/roof for winter months (I'm in Minnesota) to keep out snow and ice.

    It can be operated manually, or programmed by time of day or use a photocell. I use the photocell, and haven't had any problems. It comes with a battery backup, but I've disconnected mine in the winter so I can unplug the door and it will stay closed on the bitter cold days.
  10. Clairenh
    "Easy to install, works great"
    Pros - Easy to install, well built, no connection to power needed.
    Cons - Not an issue for us, but if you coop is out in exposed weather I guess ice and snow could freeze to prevent the door opening, but that would happen with any door.
    Shipped fast and it is sturdy and well made. I installed it in about an hour, including reconfiguring the vertical sliding door opening the coop came with. Connecting the battery and solar panel are a breeze. The first night the girls didn't go in on time, I think because they were wary of the new "thing" on their house. I unscrewed the panel and flipped the switch to delay the closing to 30 minutes after sunset, and they have been inside on time since.

    We've had it about two weeks. I'll review again after more time.

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