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  1. grammaC
    "Good, Reliable Door"
    Pros - Works in all weather, fairly simple installation
    Cons - Programming is a bit confusing at first
    I've had this door for about 7 months in 90+ heat and -15 cold. It works as advertised and is reliable. The chickens will stand in front of it to get outdoors in the morning. I would recommend a windbreak/roof for winter months (I'm in Minnesota) to keep out snow and ice.

    It can be operated manually, or programmed by time of day or use a photocell. I use the photocell, and haven't had any problems. It comes with a battery backup, but I've disconnected mine in the winter so I can unplug the door and it will stay closed on the bitter cold days.
  2. Kjf18
    "Great Door"
    Pros - Secure; just works!
    Cons - None
    We got this door after quite a bit of research and having it recommended by several people. We love it. It was easy to install and simply works! No hassles. No problems. I was worried about having to program it using a magnet, but that proved to be a non issue. I recommend it highly. :)
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  3. RedDrgn
    "Love This Door"
    Pros - easy installation/use all-aluminum construction sealed motor low maintenance
    Cons - side-opening door not sutiable for all coops
    This door is perfect for small coops with no room to install a vertically-opening door and/or no room for an interior installation. The door comes fully assembled, in a frame, and is super easy to install and use. We operate our in manual programming mode (extremely easy to set up) and power it with the optional solar panel kit. It won't shut on a chicken (e.g. pinch feet, feathers, etc.) and after it closes at it's designated close time, it will re-open in one minute and stay open for 10 seconds in case any flock stragglers were stuck outside.
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