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    An 11" wide, 15" tall, all aluminum construction automatic coop door. It comes fully assembled in an aluminum frame and installation is a snap. This product has the option of manually programming open/close times or operation by a photo sensor (option). The door may be powered by any 12 volt DC power supply, a float charger with a battery (option), or a solar panel with 10 feet of wire and a battery (option). The motor is fully enclosed, so you don't have to worry about dust and grim interfering with its operation.
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  1. markeddings
    "Excellent and Dependable Door"
    Pros - Reliable, durable, metal frame and door, excellent company support, side opening, easy installation and instructions
    Cons - Setting door openings/closings
    I have had my Pullet Shut Automatic door since October 2015. It has been a great addition to my coop and I can't imagine not having one now to open and close the door for me, whether home or away. In almost a year and a half, there have been no failures of any kind. The door opens and closes reliably, and I do not sweat coming home late if the chickens have been in the yard all day and we are not home to close up our run, which houses our coop. I know the birds are safe inside the coop behind the metal door. Easy to install, and really nothing to do maintenance wise other than ensure it is protected from the elements, and keeping power to the battery. The only semi regular needs are to adjust the opening and closing times to fit the ever changing daylight hours, and a spritz of lube on the door hinge every so often. This particular door is a side opener, and you will just need to buy one that fits your particular set up. My particular coop set up will not easily allow a door that opens upward, so the side opener is perfect.

    My only small complaint about it is the manner in which the timer is set. I chose to use the manual set up due to heavy vegetation around my coop, which I was afraid would mess up an optional photocell timer in the summer, so I must adjust the timer several times a year to match the current daylight situation. Instead of a digital timer, this unit uses a more analog(?) type system that uses a magnet to set the timer. This requires you set both the opening and closing times on the same day. You must set the morning opening time first, then the evening closing time later that same day, so you have to be available at both ends of the day to set the system. Once set, the door does its thing daily until you need to change again due to light conditions. You can open and close the door as many times as needed in between without changing those times.

    The website, www.chickendoors.com has all you need to order, and they have videos and textual instructions to remind you how to set things up or make adjustments. Their customer service has been excellent the few times I have had questions.

    This door has been a life saver. We have lots of raccoons and foxes in our area and I know we would have lost birds if we had not had this door to cover for us. Also, it just relieves a lot of the hassle of getting up early or having to be home at dark every day. We can even take weekend trips and know that as long as we have enough food and water for them, the hens can do just fine in the protected run and secure coop. The doors are not cheap, but I can highly recommend them if you would like a little freedom to be gone a day or two or want a little piece of mind if you are routinely late getting home in the evening and you free-range your birds.


    Don't have a close up of just the door, but this shows the set up well. Protected run surrounding a sturdy coop, with the automatic door on the coop. When not around, the birds are always safe as the run is very tight. When we let them free range with the run open, the coop door shuts at dusk, and if we are late getting back, we know the birds are still ok. We are very pleased with this product.
  2. Cheryl1948
    "Really Love This Automatic Door"
    Pros - easy to install, lets chickens out in a.m. for me, closes at night helpful when i am not here after dark
    Cons - none
    This has been a great automatic door for our 8X16ft chicken "cabin". The instructions for installing were simple and the process was finished quickly. The video on youtube was very helpful also. I have had to adjust the morning opening and evening closing times as sunrise and sunset change, but that is so very easy. It is great that the door opens to let the chickens out into their pen in the morning and I can go down an hour or so later to clean, etc. Then at night my girls have known from the beginning to go inside and the door closes. The feature I especially like is that at night when the door closes it opens again one minute later for any "stragglers". I have actually seen this happen when a couple of chickens didn't get in the first closing. They realized what had happened and waited at the door until it opened again and they scooted in quickly. I have been using this pullet-shut automatic chicken door since September and it hasn't failed me yet. I recommend it to everyone. [​IMG]
  3. harbisgirl
    Won't let me remove my review..

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  1. PennysHennys
    I just received my Pullet Shut door yesterday and installation was a breeze. I was so excited last night to peak out the back door and see that shining white door closed and my girls all snugged in for the night. Same thing this morning! I didn't have to don my "opening the chicken coop" attire! LOVE IT!
  2. NDChickRancher
    I purchased this door also and love it. The only time it did not shut all the way was when a big piece of chicken poo froze in the door frame and physically blocked the door. I grabbed the magnet, opened the door, removed the obstacle, and everything was back to normal!
  3. canesisters
    harbisfirl, why do you want to remove your review? Do you not like it?
    I got one a couple of months back and I love it. I have the solar power & photo cell options. It has worked perfectly since day one & was easy to install.

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