Pure Water Products -Garden Hose Filter for rain barrel based Automatic Coop Waterer

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  • I was having problems with my chicken's water getting "Lakey"
    (barely green with a slight "yuck" smell)

    even after adding 3 table spoons of bleach a month to my 50 Gal barrel.
    I then went out and purchased some sulfer based purifier from my local agri supply,
    which worked, but it costs $30 month!!! OUCH!

    So I did a little research and purchased an "Garden Hose Filter Clear" from

    The filter I put inside of it is called:
    MatriKX CTO
    "A free-flowing but very effective carbon block.
    A versatile and inexpensive filter that works anywhere carbon filtration is needed."

    When I called in to find out if 1.5 pounds of rain barrel pressure was enough to run the filter, the "info gal" there had no idea if it would work or not, but she steered me to this low water pressure item.
    I took the risk, bought the item, received it in the mail, and hooked it up
    and YES it works with only 1.5 pounds of rain barrel pressure!

    The water coming out of the system now has zero smell and is clear
    The set up ran me $50 and the replacement filters will run me around $20 Per YEAR!

    The link to find it:

    Here is a link to my "Step by Step" Thread to learn how to Make your own Automatic Rain Water Drinking Center ---With Tons of Photos!

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  1. Steadfast
    "Just wanted to add some more pictures about this."
    Pros - no more smelly water for my chicks and it works for a year for around $20
    Cons - none yet...
    Here is my watering system:


    Here are some picture of how this thing fits in my watering system:



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