Raising Backyard Ducks: A Guide to Duck Keeping

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Raising Backyard Ducks: A Guide to Duck Keeping
Trista Brandt
1092283323 ISBN-13: 978-1092283328
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If you are thinking of raising ducks and are unsure where to start then you have found just the book! This book covers common terminology, the different duck breeds, what to expect when raising ducks, housing, feeding, to egg laying ducks. In this book, you will find loads of helpful information to get the most out of your duck raising experience.

After reading this book, I assure you even the most inexperienced duck folks will be able to raise happy and healthy ducks with confidence! My goal is to get you excited about raising your ducks! I am excited for the opportunity to share my successes, challenges, and failures with you to help you be successful with your flock.

I started with chickens and then added ducks to the family flock. I started with five chickens about three years ago and now we have 3 female ducks, 1 drake, 30 hens, and 1 rooster. I am looking forward to spring to order new ducklings, chicks, and possibly turkeys. Thank you for considering purchasing my book.



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