Raising Chickens for Dummies

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    Raising Chickens For Dummies
    Kimberley WillisRob Ludlow
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    Practical how-to advice for raising chickens in virtually any backyard!Raising chickens on a small scale is a popular–and growing–pastime. And Raising Chickens For Dummies provides an up-to-date, thorough introduction to all aspects of caring for chickens, including choosing and purchasing chickens, constructing housing, and proper feeding. Raising Chickens For Dummies provides authoritative, detailed information to make raising chickens for eggs, meat, or backyard entertainment that much easier.
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  1. BantyChooks
    "Good Book"
    This book is a great read for a first-time chicken owner. It's thorough and clear. The one critique I would have of it is that it repeatedly makes chickens out to be delicate beasts that need heat if it dips below freezing, but that's not rare for poultry books. Just have to read between the lines a bit on that part. Overall it's a very good book with some neat trivia that has a well-earned place on the bookshelf of many a poultry keeper.

    I would say it's more of four and a half stars, but I can't make it as such.
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  2. Yorkshire Coop
    "Excellent book! Great read!"
    Pros - Good lay out and not too long.
    Packed full of great info. A great read and must have for the library.
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  3. MyLittleRedCoop
    "When someone tells me they are thinking about..."
    Pros - Covers just about every aspect of selecting and raising chickens through their various stages of life.
    Cons - Being so indepth, it covers a LOT of details. It's hard to find the need-to-know bullet-points unless you mark and highlight pages.
    I have referred to this book over and over again, for so many different things. It covers so many different and in-depth topics, as well as the kind of details that can only come from having experience with owning chickens. When building our coop, it provided guidelines for the basic housing needs of chickens. When the chicks came, it provided guidelines for their care. When we decided to give hatching eggs under a broody a try, it provided information on how to do all that. I have highlighted my copy in multiple colors, it has page corners folded throughout the book and has sticky-note page-tabs sticking out of all 3 non-bound sides.
    This is definitely my favorite go-to book and the one I recommend to every person that asks me about raising chickens (along with this website)
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  1. suncatcher
    I wondered if there were any "good" chicken books out there. Thanks!
  2. Redcatcher
    I had a good chuckle anyway. "Cicken raising for dumbies"

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