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  • Red cross are a Rhode Island Red male crossed with a Colombian Rock female.
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  1. sillyroxy
    "Great Chickens"
    Very good layers
  2. Chicken999
    "Very good Layers"
    Pros - Great layers, good foragers, very docile
    Cons - none
    These hens are amazing! They all give me an egg a day, and they are also good foragers. I have found feed consumption goes down dramatically when they have access to grass. They are very docile to both me and the other hens. I have not even seen them peck each other once! Out of 4 hens, only one has gone broody since I got them (which could be good or bad). Overall, I would highly recommend this chicken. 5 stars!
  3. Bigwig
    "One of my favorite breeds."
    Pros - Docile towards people and other chickens.
    Cons - Health problems.
    Red cross (Rhode Island Red male crossed with a Colombian Rock female) are one of my favorite breeds. The hens are docile, fairly quiet, and are fair layers (3 to 5 a week in their first laying year). Their eggs can be nearly white, brown, or brown with speckles. As far as I know they are only sold at Mountain Healthy Hatchery. The only downside to this breed is health problems, particularly as they get older.

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