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Large Fowl
Sex-links are cross-bred chickens whose color at hatching is differentiated by sex, thus making chick sexing an easier process. Sex-links come in many varieties, few of which are a true breed. Red sex-links are a cross between a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster and a Delaware hen.

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Pros: Great layers,
I loved my 3 red stars!! I named them!
Ruby, omliet, and pluma. Sweet hearts.. Very protective of me
Pros: Medium sized eggs.
6 eggs a week per hen.
Rarely broody.
Cons: None.
Our three hens are just the best! They love to follow our rooster around and be held. They have never attacked us and are a very calm breed. These are a truly great breed.
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$15 each.
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April 13th, 2019.
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Pros: Consistent, even through cold weather. Very friendly.
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I have 25 of these girls and they are great layers! but as far a temperment its split on friendliness some are down right miserable others are not too bad. they are quite flighty and do not like to be picked up for petting, and a few of the more miserable girls will attempt to peck at you when I am egg collecting! though none of them have opened up my hand like the 2 PBRs have. health wise most are just fine...I have had around 4 girls drop dead (no signs of attack/trauma) and about another 4-5 with persistant bumblefoot. and there are many differences in the breed as far a size...some are down right scrawny, colouration...huge variance on the red/white feathers, and feather quality... some are quite the fluffly butts!others not so much.
This was helpful info. I have been considering getting a few because they are Such prolific layers. It's good to know about their vulnerabilities.
I would just add that sex link chickens are Hybrids, meaning their mother and father were of different breeds. Certain breeds are mated to create sex linked chicks.
If you mated a sex linked hen with a sex linked rooster, you would Not get chicks that are different colors by sex.
But, they tell me the hens, of such a mating would be just as productive laying wise as their moms.
i had 32 of them, i would also like to add that they eat like horses
good god could they put the feed away!!!
they went through twice as much feed as my buff orpingtons
but they were good layers
I am not sure why you are saying they are not cold hardy, mine just went through a very cold winter unscathed! The Golden Buffs I purchased are advertised as quite cold hearty. I am in upstate New York.
@ Chickenfan4life, Your welcome, and thanks for the thumb up! :)
@ Laura625, Thank you! :) I'll make sure to add that ;)
@ piglett, I'll add that, my Red Sex Links used to eat like horses too!
@ VelvettFrog, That's just my experience.
@ Melabella, That's my experience. I used to have 6 Red Sex Links, and 3 of them died in the winter.
If I had three birds die in the winter, I'd be looking for what I did wrong, not blaming it on the breed.
I also disagree with your opinion that they are easier prey. Mine behave just like the rest.
You sure did have some odd birds SnugBug.
I started out with two red sex link and two black. Sadly lost one red for reasons unknown. My remaining red is very friendly. When they are loose my black girls go exploring while my red girl(Lulubelle) is right by me. Rides in the wheelbarrow as I tote the straw to compost. And eggs eggs eggs....year round!
I can't believe It has taken me this review to see that they ARE THE BEST!
I have 4 get an egg from them everyday. Top Layers always let me pick them up. Not scared of any hens, more immune to disease than most breeds. I'm and getting more.
Thank You!
Best of Luck with the next ten. We had some Red Sex Link two years ago. They are a pretty aggressive breed. They are Great at laying eggs though.
One of the reasons you may find your mileage will vary,( Velvett fog, Melabella,) has to do with them being hybrid birds. It means they have a father of one breed., and a mother of another.
There are several combinations of Parents that can produce offspring that are Great Layers and "sex linked". A sex linked chick is one where you can tell pullets from cockerels by color, as soon as they fluff up.
So, things like cold hardiness, temperament, what have you, could well differ depending on your birds parentage. Different hatcheries, as I understand it, might use combos.
It would make sense for a breeder in the North to select for cold tolerance in parents.
PS I still think its a nice review. and it Was helpful to me in that I was thinking about maybe trying some soon, and finding out that there is a possibility of the drawbacks CC mentioned reminded me to be careful where I got them.
Got 12 red pullets from TSC , 9wks old now. Love them , but I think I got a few roosters in the mix , we'll see! They do love to eat , all the time. ha

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