Red Sex Link

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    Egg Layer
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    All Climates
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    Light Brown
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    Large Fowl
    Sex-links are cross-bred chickens whose color at hatching is differentiated by sex, thus making chick sexing an easier process. Sex-links come in many varieties, few of which are a true breed. Red sex-links are a cross between a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster and a Delaware hen.
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  1. lauralou
    "Great layers!"
    Pros - Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.
    Cons - Hens are a bit bossy.
    I really like Red Sex Links. They start laying early and they just lay and lay and lay. I think of them as the quintessential brown egg layer, and I almost always have a couple of them in my flock. They lay a nice brown egg almost every day during the egg laying season.

    I have 2 now that are getting older (maybe 4 years old?) One still lays almost every day. The other is showing her age more, in many ways, and she only lays occasionally. She's still a favorite pet, a big old gal who flies onto a roost that is too high for her every night and whistles and yodels every morning until I climb up and pull her down.
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  2. KandJChickenFarm
    "Fantastic layer!"
    Pros - Great egg-layers, love foraging, and friendly to humans
    Cons - Can be quite mean to younger chickens
    We love our Red Sex Link hens. They are excellent layers!
    Purchase Date:
    April 2018
  3. Manedwolfy
    "Friendly but picked on"
    Pros - Great layers
    Friendlier than my other chickens
    Cons - Easily bullied
    Short lifespans, can die easily from reproductive issues
    My 2 hens are great layers and one is very friendly, the other isn't as much as it was feral most of the time.

    My new one, the one that was feral, is very easily pick on though. The other one is the rooster's favorite hen so she's fine in the pecking order.

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  1. Marlena Marlee
    I work in Animal Rescue and brought 4 chicks home from the shelter. I believe that they are Red Sex Link chicks. Can someone help me determine if they are pullets or roos?
  2. CheeksFarm
    I had so brown eggs they either came from my red sexlinks or my golden comet hen
    but I have 2 americauna roosters they run with my hens so I am hatching the eggs and 6 hatched so far. :)
    their all marked pretty !
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  3. MysticChocobo
    Sweetest hens I've ever had until a friggin fox killed every single one of my hens :/
    1. Larouxbestfan
      I'm so sorry to hear that happened! I be devastated if this happened to my hens. No chicken deserves to go in such a way :(
      Larouxbestfan, Jan 4, 2018
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    2. MysticChocobo
      Thank you and Agreed!
      MysticChocobo, Jan 4, 2018
  4. Jan/new chicks
    What is the color differences in the chicks. Male or female?
  5. Regrn5
    I had 4 red links are 2 years old.Two of the hens had ascites and now a third has it as well. I was wondering if this is common in this type of breed?
  6. PeepersMama
    It sounds alot like internal laying/egg yolk peritonitis to me. I just lost a girl to that a couple days ago. I've lost chickens on both ends of the age spectrum, but I think the scariest one was with the 1 1/2 yr old BSL. She had yolk fluid in her throat and nose. They pretty much stop doing anything once they have it, so either their blood gets infected, or they starve.
    So sorry you lost some of your girls! They sound like they were really sweet :) *hugs*
  7. Chickie Newbie
    My red sex link, Scarlett, is the most productive of all my chickens. She's sweet and lays enormous jumbo eggs almost every day even throughout the winter. She's the only one still laying right now. She doesn't go broody either, which is good for me. All in all, the least expensive chicken I have produces the biggest, best eggs! Go figure.
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  8. Mountaineer
    I have two and I get an egg a day from each since they began laying...which was about 3 months ago. I, too, am concerned about their cold tolerance. I live in WV so it does it a bit cold here. They are the friendliest of the 8 birds I own. They follow me around and come running when they hear or see me. They are gluttons and very gentle. Today I let them out in the back yard in the rain and they loved it and got quite wet. I'll have to ask the breeder I got them from which two breeds she bred to get mine.
  9. Hens rule
    My chicken Henny has a small tail too!
  10. enrgizerbunny
    I'm a first time keeper and I purchased 3 of these from a local feed store as pullets. I get 3 eggs almost every day with the occasional 2 egg day and 1 egg days being even more rare. They're very friendly and food motivated. I bought them in March of this year and it's November now so we'll see how they keep laying in the time ahead. I've found providing artificial light as the days have gotten shorter has helped to keep egg production up.

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