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  • it is tamed. a bit naughty chasing all the hens around
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    "That's unfortunate"
  2. Mohammad123momo
    "A very rare breed to have. With this rooster..."
    Pros - Tamed and friendly.
    Cons - Naughty with the hens
    With this rooster you will have the time of your life. It is just so amazing to look at with all the attractive colours on it. A great creation. It is friendly and well tamed
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  1. C4Chicken
    LOL Yea Roosters a pretty much horny ALL the time.It only takes them a few short minutes to get to all the girls.
    1. ThenNotSoChickenMaster
      ThenNotSoChickenMaster, Nov 22, 2017
  2. Mohammad123momo
    no sorry i dont know what you mean but what i mean is that he will mate with the hens alot.
  3. Penny Hen
    So does "naughty with the hens" mean you should purchase some of those breeding covers to protect you hens' backs from being worn bare?
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