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  1. Flight Of Fancy
    "Just Not A Fan"
    Pros - Good Foragers
    Cons - Huge Wanderer, Hard to Catch, Small
    I came into the same issue as another reviewer. Small birds. Not sure why other people are so fast to blame owners for issues though. I read what they should be but mine were little. I had birds that were supposed to be small from the same hatchery in the same shipment which were huge... So which is it? I am selling mine now instead of putting into the pot because they are too small to seem worth it if you are not starving.

    Good side is they are great foragers. They will wander way off though. I prefer my birds closer to home. I have had these guys go so way off. Make sure your neighbors are OK with your birds even if you are all on acreage. They are aware of the skies and hawks which is nice.

    I just can't get attached because they are so independent. Not a bad bird but I prefer Cochin/Easter Egger/Sex Link/Faverolle needy love :)
  2. daniel rainey
    "favourit breed I have ever kept out of at..."
    Pros - hardy, disease resistant, lovely to look at, very interactive, can find up to half of there own food through foraging! and good for eggs and meat!
    Cons - not every ones cup of tea, can be flighty if reared by a mother hen.
    in my opinion lovely looking birds and very unique in looks.
    When given the right kind of range these birds can find a greater part of there own diet, and manage to avoid predators wile ranging through unfenced ground. The hens are capable of laying around 200 eggs a year and cockrels are capable of weighing more than 3 kgs so spare roosters can be put to some good use!
    this breed is easyly able to survive through very very cold temperatures! and will never fail to surprise you in how smart they are and how they can access just about anywhere! be it roof tops tree tops or anywhere!!! great breed for anyone with the right environment for them and will not fail to amuse you!
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  3. Runawaylobster
    "Nice Chickens"
    Pros - Good Layer, Nice White Eggs, Pretty to look at
    Cons - perhaps a bit small for eating
    I have a redcap, she was flighty until she came into Lay and now she is very
    friendly and visits me when i go to the coop. She is nice and consistent with

    nice bird
  4. Nickeyo
    Pros - Flighty
    Cons - Comb
    Nice birds
  5. collisinana
    "Never again, No offense Redcaps"
    Pros - None
    Cons - Hard to catch, Run away, flighty, small
    I chose the Red caps because of their unique comb and the fact that they lay white eggs. Sadly, I didn't really know much about them and didn't realize that they are extremely flighty. I kept them in four feet high electric netting and they easily flew right over it and across my 20 foot garden. If you're trying to get in the record book for longest chicken flights this is the chicken to have. If you're old, injured, lazy or alone- this is certainly not the chicken to have. They are a pain to catch, even in small areas, not friendly and like to run away like feral chickens (On of my red cap roosters ran away to never return a week ago) They're not particularly smart and easily get sick as chicks. Overall I wouldn't recommend these chickens. They're very small, not a lot of meat, pretty stupid (One of my died, trying to fly into their screen window) and mature slowly. [​IMG]Next time I need a white egg layer, I'm certainly not picking these. I hope I don't sound to grinchy and mean about it. But out of all of our other chickens and breeds, these are certainly not the ones I would do again. If you want to have the same number of chic you hatched as you have a month later, don't pick these!
  6. greatergraceoffbg
    "Redcaps are a delicacy"
    Pros - A tasty table bird
    Cons - None
    I ordered 25 Redcaps to get a flock going at about 13. They did well and as is the custom with too many roosters, I harvested one for dinner. My mom complimented the flavor, but my cooking was fairly simple. I too noticed a difference, as did my Dad. Doing comparisons over time we concluded that the Redcaps indeed were unique in their delicious flavor. I had that flock going until I was about 21. I began working offshore and had to sell most of my birds including these. I'd love to get more!
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