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  1. ByrdFeathers
    "Love these"
    Pros - my chicks have loved the one I have in the broad box with them and have torn it up. I have already bought another one.
    Cons - None
    As you can see from the pic below the chicks love these I have it hanging from the roof of the brooder and they would stretch and jump to peck the top of it week 2 2.jpg
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  2. LadyVictorian
    "Good treat for small chicks"
    Pros - clean, easy to set up, and lasts longer than some other treats. Safe for younger chicks
    Cons - Can't think of any
    My chicks hit this like a sharks hit a dead whale. I took it off the plastic pole and stuck it down on it's side on a food dish and they ate it up. The nice thing is it allowed me to give them their first safe 'treat' when they were only 2 weeks old and also gives them something to pick at rather than each other. Now that they are older they like to roost on top of it but unfortunately I need more than one in their pen or they fight over it. It can last quite a while too. Well worth the money and planing to always give this to my chicks now.
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  3. Mountain Peeps
    "The chicks didn't like it"
    Pros - Cheap, smells good
    Cons - Chicks took no interest in it, only had a few pecks in it
    This was a waste of money. My chicks ignored it and only pecked at it once or twice. I'm glad it wasn't expensive.

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