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  1. LadyVictorian
    "Good treat for small chicks"
    Pros - clean, easy to set up, and lasts longer than some other treats. Safe for younger chicks
    Cons - Can't think of any
    My chicks hit this like a sharks hit a dead whale. I took it off the plastic pole and stuck it down on it's side on a food dish and they ate it up. The nice thing is it allowed me to give them their first safe 'treat' when they were only 2 weeks old and also gives them something to pick at rather than each other. Now that they are older they like to roost on top of it but unfortunately I need more than one in their pen or they fight over it. It can last quite a while too. Well worth the money and planing to always give this to my chicks now.
  2. Mountain Peeps
    "The chicks didn't like it"
    Pros - Cheap, smells good
    Cons - Chicks took no interest in it, only had a few pecks in it
    This was a waste of money. My chicks ignored it and only pecked at it once or twice. I'm glad it wasn't expensive.
  3. Jobele
    "Highly Recommend It!"
    Pros - Easy to set up, chicks love it!
    Cons - Wish it were cheaper
    This is some fantastic stuff! The great thing just set it up and let the chicks devour it! You don't loose any feed. They can't waste you really come out ahead. It's packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals and good stuff, so the chicks just love it! My chicks also didn't get bored or pick on each other, because they were so busy pecking at the baby cake. I highly recommend it![​IMG]
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